Would Colin Powell make a better defense secretary than Chuck Hagel?

  • Collin Powell Actually has Military Experiance

    Chuck Hagel holds and has expressed many controversial views on foreign policy. He is condemned by both republicans and democrats.
    Collin Powell is a man who has demonstrated his willingness to support the national defense of our country. He has had a remarkable career in the military rising through the ranks to the highest levels leadership. He has the knowledge and experience needed for the task.

  • No, but not for obvious reasons

    I think that Colin Powell would be good at the actual job, but you have to consider that the secretary is also responsible for making the nation FEEL safe and I do not think that Colin Powell did that. I think it is just as important for the secretary to be able to communicate with the public effectively as it is to determine and enact foreign policy.

  • No, Hagel would be better.

    Chuck Hagel has the experience of serving in the military during the time we were engaged in a war that just was not going to be won. Because of this, I think he would be more considered in his opinions about engaging in further situations around the world that are not easily resolved. He would be less inclined to engage our troops in futile situations. I'm sure Colin Powell is a good candidate also, but I don't think he is tempered by experience in the same way that Mr. Hagel is.

  • No, Colin Powell Was A Disaster

    Colin Powell may have been a good man, but he was a terrible part of Bush's cabinet. Powell knew the Iraq War was going to be a disaster, but he helped sell the war abroad and to the American people. If he had any ethical standards, he would have resigned rather than help create an unneeded war. Hagel can easily do better.

    Posted by: rpr

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