Would cutting tuition be a first step in improving accessibility to education to all?

  • Yes it would

    I think that education should be available to everyone and anyone who wants to further their education for the better of themselves and the community. I think that cutting tuition would be a good first step in improving accessibility to education for all people. Education benefits everyone in society and it should be available to anyone who wants it.

  • Cutting Tuition is a Great Step for Improving Accessibility to Education

    Yes, cutting tuition would be a great first step in improving accessibility to education. Currently, the poor and working classes have one option to obtain higher education. That option is to go severely in debt. By lowering the cost of tuition at all schools, these individuals would have better access to education.

  • Don't stop there. Heres' the real solution!

    Destroy the regulations that prevent people from starting schools without a license from the government. If this happened, education prices would vary from pennies for an on-line education to the prices we have now for in-lectures. In between would be mixed styles where people could choose what they want. The government's regulations hinder school innovation. The real solution is to get the government out of education!

  • NO please read my story

    I come from parents that make 120k a year combined, however I tried to change my custody as a late 16 year old and ended up under government custody for a year prior to my 18th birthday(it takes our government a year to do psych evals and determine proper place to put a child apparently if you were wondering).

    A question on FASFA is "were you a ward of the court for a year prior to your 18th birthday?" I check of yes and BAM my parents income is disregarded i get FULL aid same as anyone with poor parents.

    In MA I receive grants totaling 8,000 USD a year, this would pay for a 2 year community college degree IN FULL and then still give me a refund. After completeing a 2 year degree i can transfer to a state university(16k a year) and have the other 8k a year for two years paid for in gov SUBSIDIZED loans alone.

    In short as a max aid earner I can get a 4 year degree with only 16k of SUBSIDIZED(interest free) loans. A bargain and a half if you ask me, anyone with massive student debt either A) Didn't have dirt poor parents B) went to pricier school than they needed or C) Messed things up for themselves

  • Cutting support would

    Cutting support would do more to help people afford education then paying more. College prices have only risen as quickly as they have because colleges have essentially been given easily accessible loans to students with impunity, something that has dramatically increased college attendance and, therefore, caused prices to rise high.

  • Cutting Tuition a Bad Idea

    Cutting tuition rates wouldn't improve accessibility to education for college students. In reality, it would put colleges at a disadvantage. These educational institutions wouldn't be able to pay their bills and ensure a great learning environment for their students. Therefore, cutting tuition is not the answer at this point in time.

  • No, tuition is only one thing keeping people from having further education.

    While lowering tuition might help more people be able to afford college, those who are very deserving can already get scholarships and grants; some do not require being repaid. That being said, there are many obstacles in the way for everyone to get a higher education. Some people simply don't want to. Others have families, jobs, or other things in their lives that keep them from pursuing it. It also would be very impractical to get rid of tuition, since it helps pay for campuses and teacher salaries.

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catkit says2014-02-03T13:10:12.187
Cutting tuition fee is absolutely the correct way to stimulate students to enter schools. If we perceive education as a commodity, then what do you want to know when at first seeing it? I bet that would be something about quality like: Is it good? Are there many exceptional teachers here? Is the atmosphere friendly and fun enough?. With a few questions satisfied, then you go ahead to the price of that "commodity". The best product at best prices, what is more attractive that that? Therefore, cutting tuition fee must be the first move to bring in more students to schools.

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