Would developing nations benefit from focusing less on politics and religion in favor of greater focus toward science and mathematics?

  • Yes, knowledge helps nations advance

    Without disparaging politics and religion, it is science and
    mathematics that bring progress to developing nations. Insights into the way
    the physical world works are not to be wrung from politics, and insights about how
    the world works are what help nations advance. Every country must encourage its
    students-- boys and girls, rich and poor--to cultivate their minds so they can
    contribute to the advancement of their nation.

  • Technology is the future.

    Yes, developing nations would benefit from focusing less on politics and religion in favor of greater focus toward science and mathematics, because that is the way to develop the economy and create more jobs. It has worked well for India. They have worked hard to expand technology, which pays more than politics and religion.

  • They could but they won't

    People are just not that into science or math. That is unless it is making them money. Other than that, most people do not care about science or math. I personally love science but hate higher math. It would give people something to focus on that is real, instead of all the fake subjects brought to the table by religion and politics. We could find real solutions to our problems with science and math. Not just talk or some make believe stuff.

  • yes they would

    yes, it would be a whole lot better to swap over and try to look at science and try to find a whole lot of ways that will make your country a whole lot better. I think that it is the best route to choose to make a lot of progress.

  • Science is the key

    Science, mathematics, and engineering are the key factors in developing nations. Forming a democracy can only come with genuine intellectualism, and a democracy is difficult to maintain if there are not proper and educated people to populate a workforce and create a modernized, urban society in the middle of a developing nation.

  • Only because the politics may determine who gets information.

    If a country has a ruler that only allows one group to benefit from knowledge then the nation as a whole advances little because only few people have knowledge and are slower in progression than if the knowledge was spread to all so many could attempt advances.
    Long ago in Europe, the people in power the countries went hand in hand with the people in powers of the religions. Using this, they determined who was allowed to have knowledge keeping the rest ignorant so their science would appear as miracles. When people outside their faith also acquired knowledge on their own they would demonize it by calling it works of the devil. By keeping the masses ignorant, they were able to use religion as motive to stay in power and in turn they provided religion with support so it would stay as the only legal religion.
    Unfortunately, even the most advanced nations do not freely share information among the people and still only give out enough information to keep them in power. It is only when we have advance our politics completely that we can reach our maximum speed of advancement scientifically.

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