Would/do you donate to the Salvation Army, considering their homophobic policies?

Asked by: jwbrowdy
  • Whether or not they are homophobic, they still help people.

    Even if they are supposedly homophobic, they still help people. This sounds just like forbidding Operation Christmas Child from a few schools because of the religious texts in the boxes, Even if they have a different opinion than oneself, they still can help people in need. People can still help others even with different opinions than oneself

  • I don't support gay marriage.

    It's not like they are inciting hatred and discrimination. All they are doing is opposing gay marriage . What is soo wrong with that? Some people are different and have different beliefs, but to say they incite hatred and discrimination is completely wrong. You may beg to differ, but this is my opinion.

  • They do way more good.

    They do so much good for this world that I am going to have to go for the utilitarian view on this. You cannot deny people the good they receive just because they are "homophobic". That is a really crappy way to think if you do not support what they do.

  • I did not

    Know that the Salvation Army had homophobic policies. I am not sure whether to believe this as I've not heard it personally, but even if they do, the work that they do with homeless people has been going on for decades and in my opinion, the pros outweigh the cons.

  • They do a lot,of good

    The Salvation Army do so much good for so many people in society. They are one of the most worthy causes which you can donate too, you know your money will be used to help people.

    They are not homophobic, they just don't beleive it is right, and so do a lot of people.

  • Who should the Salvation Army try to please?

    One day each of us will stand before Christ our ultimate judge (2 Corinthians 5:10). I guess the Salvation Army is more concerned with what Christ wants rather than what the world wants. That makes sense to Christians, it will never make sense to the world - but why would it? The world has always been at odds with God (James 4:4, 1 John 2:16-17).

    It's a bit rich that the homosexual community wants to live by their own rules, and expect that Salvationists who have made a covenant with God to live life according to His ways, not to do the same. Homosexuals believe that Salvationists should ignore God and fall into the politically correct position on homosexual practices -which are expressly condemned by God (1 Corinthians 6:9,18).

    Homosexuals want to be treated with respect, which of course they must be, but doesn't that mean the homosexuals should treat the views and opinions of Salvationists with respect as well? Respect for all I say, so yes, I will definitely still be donating to The Salvation Army. In fact, they have risen in my esteem so I will probably be more generous towards them in the future.

  • Leading the witness

    Since charity is voluntary and its a proven fact that liberals don't donate to charity anyway I'm pretty sure the Salvation Army is safe for now. Liberals who want ghey lifestyle to be universal also want charities to their constituency felons and drug addicts called the government welfare net to also be universal, so they will get around to doing all the good things they claim when everyone else is forced to as well.

  • Hell no I wouldn't!

    When I was younger (before I knew of what a horribly homophobic organization they were) I used to look forward to seeing the people with the bell and the red can outside of the grocery store so I could ask my mom for some change to throw in. However, I refuse to have my hard-earned money to support such a terrible, bigoted organization. In fact, they spend very little money on their official goals, and too much on blocking human rights. I would much rather donate my money to a less homophobic organization.

  • The Salvation Army has a history of prejudice against the LGBT community.

    I ran a support group for LGBT people. The Salvation Army was the only organisation which refused to put up fliers. They try not to be too overt these days but I certainly believe they are homophobic.
    Clearly they do good work with marginalised people but so do many other organisations who have managed to treat gay people as humans deserving of dignity. I will not donate or support them.

  • No but sadly are forced to by the government.

    The Salvation Army get hundreds of millions of Dollars from the government to run some of the government programs something they do their best to keep quiet and act as if they do all the work on just donations.

    They get paid by our taxes to run these programs and we don't have a choice, they then use that tax payer money to lobby and blackmail government to be allowed to freely discriminate against the taxpayers themselves.

    I will not donate and also want my tax money to not go to organisations that want to discriminate other people.

  • Salvation Army Homophobia: The Truth Is Messy

    The Salvation Army now states that it opposes homophobia, and all forms of discrimination and marginalization. Thank goodness the church now treats everyone equally, right?
    Actually, no. The Church distinguishes between homosexual orientation, and homosexual behavior. Practicing homosexuals may worship at the church but may not become soldiers. Practicing homosexuals are still fired where it is allowed. The Church removes services from areas where discrimination in housing is prohibited. The church continues to quietly lobby against legislation to promote equality, across the globe.
    So remember: all are welcome at the Salvation Army. You may label yourself however you wish, as long as you behave as they demand.

  • I've seen it firsthand

    I was with some friends of mine who are a gay couple,we were at a mall in NY State and they were holding hands,when they went to put money in the kettle the guy covered it with his hands and said "We don't want your kind of money" well then they sure as hell aren't getting mine either.I have friends who lived in New Orleans when Katrina hit they lost their house and the minute the Salvation Army found out they were more than just room mates all of a sudden they had no help for them.Isn't that just what Jesus would have wanted this "Christian"organization to do?

  • Disguised discrimination in the Salvation Army

    The Salvation Army say they do not discriminate but the truth is that they find active homosexual lifestyle sinful and wrong. They acknowledge homosexual feelings but advice you not to act on them. If you do, the door is closed for you to get responsibility as a group leader at one of their local churches/corps, or become a pastor/officer. And you cannot marry your same-sex partner in the Salvation Army.
    THAT's discrimination!

  • Just look at the stuff they've pulled.

    Sure, people don't have to like people in the LGBT community but what the Salvation Army have done is disgusting. They have refused to help people in need unless they get themselves 'converted' to becoming straight and have tried to coerce homosexual couples into breaking use before he long them. They are following an outdated book and that's their reasoning for that. They have said that gay parents deserve t be put to death as well.

    They are also extremely anti-choice and against reproductive rights, which is another reason why I can't support them.

    But what really made me decide that they don't deserve my money for their causes anymore is that they literally let a transgender freeze to death outside one of their own doors because they saw them, a person that needed help desperately, as a sinful human being for being born in the wrong body. I find that absolutely sickening.

    They're meant to be a charity, they're supposed to help anyone, and not let something so harmless as their sexual preference get in their way of that.

    My money is going towards other charities this year.

  • I do not patronize organizations that discriminate.

    I "vote with my dollars" so to speak. I do not contribute to charities that push a religious agenda or discriminate against others- the Salvation Army is NOTORIOUS for these. They are well known for requiring church services or sermons before receiving their "charity",and for pushing for the discrimination against homosexuals- for example, they fought vociferously against New Zealand decriminalizing homosexuality in the 80s.

    I prefer to give my money to charities that actually do good without strings and without such hatred- for anyone who is interested in making sure that the charities you donate to are also fiscally sound and efficient, I would suggest:

    It does a wonderful job of evaluating charities by a host of criteria, including how much of their donations actually go towards the programs they are supposed to and not just overhead.

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