Would Donald trump accidentally start war by losing his temper with another leader

Asked by: lynn03
  • I Have Always Been Worried About Him!

    His gigantic ego. His consistent lying, his passing the blame, his irritability, his unpredictability etc. convinced me years ago that this man if in the "right" (wrong place) would be a real potential threat to many, many people. As time goes by my worst fears are coming true!!!!! How can our system prevent this?

  • I'm frankly afraid that Donald Trump will Start war

    I can picture in my mind Donald trump at a meeting saying something rude, racist , and just plain mean an endangering the citizens of the united states and starting war. I don't think Donald Trump will be responsible enough to run a country `because he is racist and unfair. Someone who leads our country should be well tempered and responsible.

  • He'll be starting a war by pissing everyone ells off.

    He'll be starting a war by pissing everyone ells off. Trump is a racist, sexist, elitist and is overly ignorant about how the everyone ells lives. He'll insult everyone who is not a white American, and make the entire world hate us. But I agree with Peepette, and say that it won't be him loosing his temper it will be everyone ells who does.
    I mean honestly, could you picture that guy trying to negotiate with another country like Iran.
    I'm not saying that he's trying to destroy America or something as stupid as that. I believe that in his heart he actually thinks he's the best choice, just as the rest of them do, but I also have to look at the fact that he's rely a complete idiot.

  • Don't think so

    As much as a jack wagon that he is, I don't think he'll loose his temper. As a business man he knows there's an amount of decorum that has to be maintained. He'll never be president. At some point his popularity will fade or he'll have a very major foot in mouth event.

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