Would Donald Trump be a better ruler than Kim Jong-un?

  • Donald trump is a great guy

    Donald trump likes rice and i like rice so if hes president, we will be a rice loving country and i found out that he likes rice with soy sauce and i feel the same way so i think we would be good friends and he would be the best!!

  • Yes Trump would be way better

    At least Donald Trump wouldn't starve his own people. Kim Jong un kills and starves his own people. Kim and Trump are both billionares, but Kim would rather have his people starve and die by the millions than loose his money and power. At least Donald Trump might use some of his money for the good of his people, but Kim doesn't give a shit about his people.

  • Trump is an idiot

    Kim Jong Un is actually smart. He does not go around building Great Walls to South Korea. According to the former NBA player Dennis Rodman, Kim is "a little kid who does not want to start nuclear wars."
    Furthermore, Kim Jong Un rules with his constitution while Donald Trump would betray his. KIM>DONALD

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