Would Donald Trump be as successful as he is now without financial help from his family?

  • His temperament has made him successful

    There are richer people in the world than Trump yet none have managed to lay such a bold claim on the Presidency. Clearly, it's not just his money that is the reason behind Trump's success. The man has the mental strength and resilience and courage to do what no one thinks he could do. He'd be successful even if he had been born penniless.

  • He could still be successful

    Forbes reports Donald Trump is worth $4.1 billion; Trump says $10 billion. Either way, he’d be worth a lot more if he simply retired 30 years ago and put his money in an unmanaged stock fund.However, since he now without financial help from his family, he may not have the same net worth as was reported earlier. That doesnt mean that he cannot start all over again and emerge successful

  • He built on his father's success.

    While Donald amassed more wealth than his father, he was put into position from his family money. He would likely not have had the ability to attend Wharton. He likely would not have had the first opportunity to strike it big in real estate. Maybe he would have been successful, perhaps very successful, but nowhere near where he is now.

  • Donald Trump relied on family wealth

    Donald Trump would not be as successful now if he did not receive financial assistance from his family. His father was also in the real estate business, and this gave him a big boost when he started his own career. The money helped advance his own ambitions and fund his real estate development.

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