• Donald Trump will make a great President

    Trump is the best candidate cause fuck the Mexicans and hey we need a wall and he is the only candidate who can get America out of a 3 trillion dollar debt I got even more reasons why Donald Trump should be president so beat that bitch ha ha ha

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  • Trump for Prez!!


  • He is honest, good matured, and rich

    Donald Trump is well known and people think of him s an honest man. He has lots of money and he doesn't need to steel from the government. Also, He loves people and people love him. Finally, His honesty is really good so that even if he lies, we would still believe him.

  • Donald Trump's Personality

    Would Donald Trump make a good president? Honestly, I don't think so. However, playing the devil's advocate, there are certain attributes that would make him a good president.

    Firstly, whenever we think of a president, we think of a somewhat flawless human that has great superiority and intelligence and whose reputation would never be tarnished by their personality. This is because we never really are able to see their "dark side" (everyone had one). Then we think of Donald Trump! I'm sure many of us have seen his impulsive and inconsiderate comments with racial undertones. At this point, he isn't an unknown commodity and we probably have seen most of his worst attributes already. This creates a form of transparency and trust with citizen as they who they're voting for... Which is definitely better a manipulative devil wearing a saints mask.

    Secondly, Trump has a confidence and powerful personality that, like it or not, tend to work well in politics, and make it far less likely he would become too strongly beholden to this or external forms of influence - we complain often about our elected officials being in the pocket of lobbyists and special interests, but Trump is his own special interest and he seems unlikely to let his own sense of personal power and rightness become manipulated or dominated by external forces;

  • He is blunt.

    For one term, if Donald Trump was elected president, I definitely think that he would help debt in the US. Yes, he is not a very nice person at all, but he is a straight forward man who if is elected president could maybe make great changes in the US. Just a thought.

  • In Retrospect, Really Has Valid Points

    I, like many, was once very judgmental of Trump. However, my social studies teacher, Mr. Aronson, gave us an assignment to a half-hour to an hour of the Republican presidential debate on CNN. We had to write down the candidates and their issues. Donald Trump would be a good president of the US because of some issues. He's uninfluenced by annoying, obsessed donors and sponsors because he is so rich, he can afford it himself. Also, he wants to bam ObamaCare, build up our military, and preserve our country to make it the best it can be.

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  • Would be Impeached?

    He is a hothead. He always likes using the word "stupid". He says he would be the best jobs president god had made. But why has he filed for bankruptcy multiple times. Why doesn't he reveal his plans. To build a wall he says that a skyscraper is easier. But you need 100s of Donald's skyscrapers in order to build a wall over Canada and Mexico border.

  • Donald trump is a disrespectful man

    He should not be president because he wanna do is tell people what to do with there own things. He doesn't really care for us and this thing about building a wall is just uncaused for he just wanna be extra all this building a wall is not worth it. This makes me like him lesser and when he become president its not going to do nothing but go to his head like all others presidents

  • He is a bad person and dosen't care about anyone but himself

    He will be a disgrace to america and no one wants him to lead he dosent care about leading us and he would never know what is it like to work because he said he can get whatever he wants so he should be in our shoes to see what it feels like

  • NO! He is a bad role Model

    My friends say Donald trump should be president just because he is rich. Being rich will not help him win the presidency. Also my cousin thinks that his "wild attitude" is sexy and thats why he should win. DOES BEING SEXY HELP? NO! And my little brother is starting to hate Mexicans because Donald Trump wants a wall to be built in between Mexico and the USA. The only reason for that is because he is "persuasive and stuff" That is wrong

  • Wow, he has filed four business bankruptcies

    Honestly, this man is all talk but no action. His companies-casinos- have all gone into bankruptcy and id he does win he just might as well get china/other countries pissed off at the U.S.A. and another great war might just as well happen. Plus the wall he promised that Mexico would pay for is NEVER going to happen. The U.S.A. might be stronger than Mexico in almost every way but Mexico is not just some weakling who the U.S.A could destroy without getting a scratch on itself.

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