Would Donald Trump make a good president? There seems to be a large group in support of him are they justified in their belief?

Asked by: ForGrowthOfMind
  • I believe so

    Of course nobody really knows for sure. There was a very large portion of the population that though Obama was going to be some kind of savior, turns out not so much. The opposition to Raegan was (apparently) fierce, and ended up winning a 2nd term overwhelmingly and grew the economy immensely.

    Trump, in his very sloppy way of explaining things, I think has the correct fundamental idea. I think his business background will help clean up internal government operations, which spends hoards of money for very little in return.

    Taxes kill the economy. Obamacare, like it or not, isn't helping either. The more expensive something is the less of it you'll have. Government has to get out of the way and let the economy start to regulate itself. Regulation is a damper. Trump understands this, Bernie thinks the opposite is true, and Clinton just does what's best for Clinton.

    Foreign affairs is a bit more tricky. The pros for Trump is that he does in fact have plenty of experience operating on a world stage. I do not concern myself with whether or not some individuals might find him offensive. I want someone who will actually stand up for this country when it matters and not back down. Just look at the mess the world is in right now, playing nice isn't working.

    Voting for trump is voting for a leader. Trumps portfolio speaks for itself. What he's created.. Not anyone can replicate his success. Clinton is just another career politician that carefully analyzes every word to cater to masses. She's liar, and even worse blatantly violated federal law by storing classified documents on a personal server for her own convenience. Leave it to the media to completely let her slide on that one.

  • Trump is righteous

    Some days, everybody calls trump a maniac. In reality, he is better then the other idiot , Clinton. She is a liar, and a person who was against everything the IA stands for. If we vote trump, we still have a decent chance of improving the US. Hillary has been saying, "no, I didn't commit the email scandal";three days later she 'apologizes'. Would YOU want a liter as president?

  • Yes, I'm looking for authority

    I perfer Trump because he's shaking up the Republican party which is slowing loosing grip of everyday Americans. The Dems are in the same boat but instead of giving the change many Democrats want they picked Hillary Clinton instead. She's a tough badass woman but she's too deep in Washington DC to be accepted among Independents like myself to appreciate.

    He's not some Texan with a Chuck Norris belt or some MMA/WWE powerhouse or even a soldier who's server but he is board room tough. He can make calls and close in on deals and get things done. He can go beyond his position to get things done. He will put fear and fire under many politician's backsides and get them to play game either with their approval, or with their voters.

    I'm not looking for comfort. I'm voting for an authority. I'm voting Trump.

  • Good Political Views

    Donald Trump is a very successful businessman, so he is definitely good with handling money. He has political ideas that will keep our country safe because of the recent amount of terrorist attacks. The only reason people think he is a bad person is because of the lying media and because of the things he says.

  • Absolutely Not! He is a Faux Populist

    Known to be the "fighter of freedom of speech" when he censors major news outlets for covering him.

    He is truly the chaos candidate. Trump can demonstrate irreverence to god by his egotistical behavior and history of taking from the poor, then all he does to sway evangelicals is hold up the bible. "Of course the number 1 best book next to the art of the deal." He is the embodiment of corporatism, which you could have seen when looking at the victory speeches after New Hampshire. He turns his back to the podium and turns to see his constituency, not the people. Yes, he does not play politics, he is a proto-fascist.

    He is wealthy! "He must be good for business then!" Macroeconomics and geopolitics have nothing to do with marketing, a guy who even in his own field sucks, bankrupt 4 times, lose PGA tournaments rights. REAGONOMICS was a failure. You would expect if you give tax cuts to corporations they will in turn create more jobs, but no not exactly, job growth is based on resource and demand. Then they outsource it to tax havens, remember Panama Papers? No we shouldn't look at lowering taxes even further for corporations to come back, we should revoke terrible trade agreements like Panama. Which is literally the only thing this guy wants to do right, going against NAFTA etc. Taxes don't kill the economy, people with a lot of money don't stimulate the economy by spending it, the apparition that is trickle down economics. One of the most ghoulish things he ever said was he would default on the dollar to clear our debt! This would create global turmoil and is actually against our constitution. Now the minimum wage to Trump should be lowered, well the American citizens aren't Qatari expats you orange puffin. The wages need to be raised due to (I'm nuanced with it, I don't think it should be federal but however compatible with the state to avoid poverty.)
    1: Inflation
    2: Technological advances that increase productivity

    I have seen Trump's tax plan, 12 trillion dollars of debt in 10 years.

    Obamacare premiums: single payer would save the average man money, even with an increase in taxes, trump actually argued for this, but he contradicts himself all the damn time. So his accountability is bare, since he doesn't even have a damn political career.

    Foreign Affairs is even worse, he didn't even know the damn situation in Israel in Palestine. Look up Donald Trump Nuclear Triad response, sums up his coherence well. Killing families of terrorist and prosecuting them, although even myself do not like the Islamic doctrines, actions against what defines us as a market pluralist capitalist nation where everybody can trade, I thought he was a venture capitalist who wants to maximize economic surplus? His policies of indiscriminate warfare against international law would actually create more terrorism. They certainly will ostracize them and become radicalized!

    Trump is divergent from politics....And reality!

  • Trump a good president? Definitely not!

    Trump is unfit to be the commander in chief, both in temperment and political positions. Are his supporters justified in their belief? I would say probably not. The reason Trump has so much support among the voting population is because of the general populace's fears and disenchantment with our political system, and he's manipulating that. He is right about our broken politics, but his suggestions are downright unreasonable, even reckless. He's saying only what people want to hear.

  • Trump is likely to cause a massive riot

    What makes me say this, you may ask?
    Well, trump manages to rise to power by making promises on past events, and using people's fears to his advantages. He kicks out all the Muslims- Because people are scored of ISIS. He wants to kill all Mexicans- because Adolf Hitler sent them a letter saying he will support them if they attack America. Jeesh - why are people so stupid? First, the mexicans did not attack america, and ISIS is not all Muslims. There are plenty of people out there who are loyal to their religion that will die if trump takes the spot of president. So NO- trump should not be president.

  • Not Ready for a Racist, Bigot with a Volitile Temper.

    Racist, Bigot, and a hot Temper.... Only wants the country to be all straight, white, anglo saxon protestant people..... "Taking it back" from minorities and people whose beliefs are different from his.
    That's not what this country is currently comprised of. If you are going to be a Leader you have to represent EVERYONE, no matter what their race, religion, color, national origin, sexual gender, or gender preference. And you can't judge.
    He wants to consider himself a "Christian" ... He needs to read the Bible. First of all you don't discriminate ad you don't judge people. That's God's job.
    I'm not saying don't fight terrorism, ... We MUST do that, however, you can't say All Muslims are bad, or all Black people are bad, or all Mexican people are illegal and should be sent to mexico.
    He's nuts.
    Suppose the Indians said they wanted to take thier country back?
    I'm sick of hearing him and other Rep. Politicians say that. I'm sorry, ...I'm not white, ... I was born in the United States .... I like who and what I am ... I served my country (did he?) ... And I will be here until the good Lord decides otherwise. Let him try to send me to Mexico just because I may look a bit Mexican. ..
    And NO... Bad for President if he can't be president for everyone.

  • Never! ! !

    I'm not an American, but I have intrests in American society.
    A few months ago, I heared that Trump and Clinton is competing to
    be a president.
    Trump is an idiot and a lier. He blames everybody especially Obama
    and Hillary. America will fail if Trump becomes a president.
    Hillary is much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much better than Trump.
    I don't care if Hillary becomes president or not because I'm a Korean
    , but I'm side of NEVER TRUMP.

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randomsage says2016-06-26T07:51:42.303
Yeah. I'm not voting in this one. Only voice of reason here is that one Yes voter for Trump, Matt886,

Beyond that, it's screaming, shouting, and strawmaning from both sides.
ladiesman says2016-06-26T21:56:01.533
His political propositions are paramount to those of a tyrant.
randomsage says2016-06-28T10:34:36.153
Changed my mind.
ForGrowthOfMind says2016-06-28T13:04:36.043
@randomsage, yeah you might be right I was just hoping for some actual political facts. As far as the news is concerned it's a vote between a bigot and a liar. I was just kind of curious about political strengths of both candidates. Most news sites are filled with hate and nonsensical arguments as well
randomsage says2016-06-30T08:13:15.453
75% percent of independents are looking for an outsider that is neither Trump nor Hillary.

I'm hopes go off to Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party but for now, Trump since he is at least shaking up his party. Since we're voting for the lessor of two evils...

*sighs* 2012 all over again.