• He would make a good president

    Donald Trump would make a good president, for one he has experience running big operations and knows what he is doing. Trump also knows how the public would react from experience. He is also a better candidate than that senile old bat Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump would make a great president.

  • I wish there was a maybe option

    I have a theory that he will be one of the greatest presidents this country will ever have, or will be one of the worst and end getting himself impeached. The reason I am siding with yes, is because he wants to take care of the border issue. Come on people, they cost $100 billion dollars annually and they only bring in $11.6 billion dollars in tax revenue. Not cost effective. Typical liberal statement "they are a major contributor to this countries work force". Well sorry to break it to you, it doesn't matter what they are doing for us, we have our own citizens to employ; who would gladly take those jobs. Since they are either actual law abiding citizens, and or legal immigrants, then it is sound that the jobs should be given our people instead. A wall might not solve the entire issue, considering that the cartel is evidently able to dig massive tunnels. Though I do don't know how he is going to approach other issues. Such as ISIS. He said on the O'Reilly Factor he is going to "bomb the hell out of "ISIS". Really? He may drops bombs on innocent people that an ISIS concentration is at. I thought we were trying to solve terrorism.

  • Trump would make a great president.

    Trump tells it like it is, no matter what resulting chaos ensues. He's doesn't need to be beholden to anyone or anything. His strong perseverance is what we need. His goal will be to make America "cost effective". You may not agree with him, but you WILL listen because he is an "in your face" personality. He has known both defeat and victory, and is not a graceful looser, coming back even stronger. His negotiating skills are superb. The world is no more than a giant business community which needs a forceful CEO. Do we really want a deceitful, untrustworthy leader such as Hillary Clinton? The Bush family who have been proven to be liars and would trade American lives to further their agenda? I"ll rather give this position to one who, although brash, has a clear cut idea of what is important to this country, and stands behind those ideals with strong convictions.

  • Yes, Absolutely a great president!

    Trump knows how to persevere. He has experienced both failure and success, and is now wildly successful. He wrote THE book on deal making. We need a leader that loves this country and has the ability to lead and negotiate in our interests. Trump excels in all of those qualities.

  • Open to honest debate!

    This man says what he believes and this opens up arguments to honest debate. Time and time again he speaks what Americans are thinking. He's factually a strong buisness man and to have a great country that is the light of democracy you need buisness. We are in desperate need for a leader!

  • Trump = truth

    Although it is entirely true that Trump is ostentatious and has his mistakes, he brings something to the table no other candidate has; he speaks his mind. That is what America really needs, to get away from the weaseling of politics and get to the truth. The fact that Trump says what some people do not want to hear shows that as President he would give us the facts straight, versus giving us nonsense answers like Hillary.

  • The patriot who will restore America to its former glory

    I don't want nuanced; I want bold colors: RED, WHITE and BLUE. With the strength, courage and gusto that made this nation a powerhouse, we will make America great again. For too long, politicians have sold the American people out to foreign nations and global industry. What Donald Trump is doing is representing the absolute heartbreak and anger and frustration at a government gone mad. At a certain point, you must admit that no politician cares about you or the interests of our posterity—they care about themselves and themselves alone. Don't let the liberal media shape your opinions of Donald Trump. They have called him racist, sexist, xenophobic, etc, etc. Except, he is none of these things. It is not racist to reject illegal immigrants and put American citizens, legal immigrants and natural born citizens alike, first. It is not racist to hire thousands of black and Hispanic employees. It is not racist to have more black friends than Hillary. It is not sexist to treat women equal to men, to hire women in construction before anyone else in the industry. It is not sexist to have two beautiful daughters, one of which runs his company, and the other just coming out of law school. Sexist men don't allow their daughters to achieve more than their sons. It is not xenophobic to reject Syrian refugees, look at the issues in Europe. We are Americans, and Donald Trump is the only one who will finally put America first. We spent over 5 trillion dollars for the war in the middle east. We could have rebuilt our crumbling infrastructure; we could have rebuilt our schools, hospitals, roads, airports, etc, etc. We could have rebuilt AMERICA. Our government had other interests besides the well being of the American people. This man is a true success, and people will say he has had four bankruptcies. Yes, he had four companies in Atlantic City go bankrupt. But, the media won't tell you that the three CEOs who would have been running those companies, died together three weeks before in a helicopter crash. The people he hired to run the companies all died, and Donald Trump was not interested in the Casino business. That is why the companies failed. But, out of over 500 companies that Trump has been president of, only 4 times has he used the Chapter laws. 4/500 is equal to about 0.008%. Meaning, that Donald Trump has a 99.2% success rate. For those of you unaware to business statistics, only 20% of businesses are successes. Donald Trump has had a 99.2% success rate. I will take those odds any day. Now, if I have yet to convince some of you, some may object to the fact that he is a businessman and not a politician. And I will ask you, where have politicians gotten you? Ever expanding deficits? Fleeing corporations? Increasing poverty rates? What have politicians done for you? Nothing. Donald Trump will be the greatest president since Lincoln. Hop on board.

  • Donald trump would be terrible

    He is extremely racist and sexist and he has inherited all his money and lost more than he has earned. He doesn't know how to rule a country well and he just wants to get richer and more publicity for his business. This is why Donald trump would make a terrible leader for the US

  • Best president ever

    He would be a good president because he speaks his mind and does not say many rumors that are not true. I like how he will make the wall to keep immigrants out. Good good good good good good good president president president president president president president ever ever ever

  • Trump for prez

    People say trump is racist or stupid but he's not and is he going to stop illegal immigrants coming into this country and he will build a wall and make Mexico pay for that wall and pay for the money Tharp have taken by bringing illegal drugs into the country and taking our money

  • Bad Business Man!

    Donald Trump runs major corporations all of which have gone bankrupt several times. Donald Trump also has shown signs of religious oppression, saying things along the lines of "everyday I hand out two-hundred Bibles to the American people." This is ridiculous. Trump can't run a business, I'd doubt he'd be able to run a nation full of them! Trump would probably dump Trickle Down Economics on the table and the Congress would look in disgust. I can only imagine how much of an oil and coal maniac he is! He'll probably cost us all the Polar Ice Caps!

  • The man is crazy

    Donald Trump is simply crazy. If you've seen his interviews and such, you know what I'm talking about. He often sides with only Christians and it's a threat to the the future of free America if a man like him is in office. It's been shown that republicans tend to be racist, and a man like Donald is the exemplary vision of an ignorant man who thrives off his fathers money who thinks he has right to power!

  • He does has no clue how to run a country.

    Being a business man and being the leader of the biggest economy, military and industrial power in the world is not something you give to someone who comes up with the stupidest ideas ever. We should learn what bush did in his eight years in office so why elect another numb skull. First of the H-1B visa was made to attract the brightest minds from the world and have them give america their knowledge. By saying lets get rid of that those people will leave making huge companies in India, China, Venezuela, Mexico, Columbia just to name a few where the labor is much cheaper making their economies more attractive to investment. He wants to bully our neighbors into paying for impossible projects. Mexico is a sovereign nation it will not do anything it does not feel like doing. Mexico is one of the united states biggest trade partners apart from the asian continents nations this is seriously a mistake on a economic, political, and ethical ground sense many people who are not just mexican but from across the americas have come to this country fought, died, and worked to the bone for america are being told the are as bad as rapists. Which brings me to Birthright citizenship this is an american right part of the 14th amendment the very fact this guy is saying hey lets take that out would mean as much as taking our guns, freedom of speech, or freedom of the press. I know politicians have looked the other way for along time when it comes to america, and they would rather work for the rich while the poor struggle, but this guy is not the answer. We the public must not act, speak, or feel like we have no other choice their is.

  • He is exactly what we don't want

    Donald Trump is racist towards "blacks" and Muslims and cruel to immigrants. He's obsessed with himself and doesn't have any respect for anything except himself. He's totally sexist towards women and doesn't believe in same-sex marriage. If he becomes our president, we'll lose so much progress! Please, we can't have a person like this.

  • He's a businessman, not a politician

    I don't doubt that Trump could run a business, but be an American President? Let's not joke here. This is the guy that ran Celebrity Apprentice... Not to mention he's incredibly rude, a bit racist, and absolutely brash. For the people saying "Amurrrica needs to be a great and powerful nation again!", open your eyes. We don't need to be the pushy, overconfident America (that Trump is likely to lead us to) again, we need to be a more culturally evolved and environmentally conscious country. I do agree that we need a candidate who can be strong in foreign affairs as well as on home turf, but with Trump's backwards social beliefs and reliance on intimidation to make deals, that person won't be him. He's not a professional, he's a clown-- and not even a particularly funny one.

  • Absolutely not! He's clueless.

    Lets keep it simple, Trump is absolutely crazy. His views are ridiculous and he is definitely not fit to become president. He doesn't know what he's doing and he would make this country even worse off than it already is. He's just a clown with alot of money, nothing more.

  • Loud mouth trump freak show

    Trump will treat the presidency as a tv show. Telling all world leaders YOU'RE FIRED. Then fire his cabinet vice president and anyone else who pisses him off. I just can not beleive people are really considering him as a candidate for president. We would be better off with daffy duck, Elmer Fudd or yosimitie Sam. Hell even dennis the mennis would be better.

  • Does not know anything about politics

    If you look into his past you could see he has no past relations to politics, as in being a senator or other government officials, so how would he know how to run a country? He's only a business man that spends most of his net worth. The only thing that he could do is only fix the financial problems. That's it. Most of the things that he says, he doesn't even know about. So technically he's sticking is head into something that he doesn't even know about, but thinks he can. He's trying to abolish others presidents hardships and adversities trying to accomplish, mostly President Obama.

  • Would a 2’x4’ Make a Good President?

    NO! And a 2’x4’ is more qualified than Trump if only
    The fact that it’s a hunk of wood and doesn’t pretend
    That it’s rich, Successful, Knows how to fix things and
    cares about people. , It’s more competent
    because it is what it is, A hunk of wood.
    In essence Trump is a charlatan and has always been so.
    If that’s what you think that’s the making of a president,
    He’s your ‘man’. (Ugh. . . )

  • He only works for billionaires

    After he signed the tax bill he told a lot of billionaire they just got a lot richer. He should not be working for the 1% of the 1% (0. 01%) he should be working for the every day American! Bernie 2020! Or just go the read any real book and they will give u many more reasons!

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