• Yes it will

    Women arent meant to fight out in combat. They are meant to stay at home and protect the children. They are mothers. Mothers are soft, caring, kind people and are always protective of loved ones. In battle, they are not mentally strong enough as men are. They have a different mind set

  • Women would weaken the military

    Women would weaken the military b/c men dont think like women and women dont think like men and a man could get in arguments with women unlike when a man tells a man they just do it, also women dont know war stradigies as goodas men do which could result in lifes being lost

  • They are stupid

    The girls in the marines just got in trouble for sending nudes. This distracts the ultimate fighting machine; men. Also girls don't know how to piss in the woods. They need to find a bathroom to redo their makeup every other minute, this makes them not suitable for the military.

  • Its just a statistic

    We need to make training harder so that it can filter out bad marines. But other then that; if women are trained equally then yes. They should be allowed to serve. Women should also have to mirror everything the men do. . . . . . . . . .

  • The marines think so.

    The USMC allowed women to try for combat roles 5 years before any other branch. Although many have tried, not one has succeeded. The battlefield is one big men's league. Just watch the NBA and WNBA, come to the sound conclusion that disparity in the level of play is tremendous, and leave the PC equality stuff out of war.

  • It would weaken the military to start drafting women because needs are different and it is better to let women volunteer.

    Drafting women would weaken the military overall. History has proven that women just aren't as strong as men. They also have maternal needs that men just don't feel. Some women may prove to be an asset to the military, but overall it is better to let women volunteer to be in the military rather than them being drafted.

  • Any draft would do that.

    The instating of any draft at all would harm the military at this point in history. Think of all the backlash against the draft that was spurred towards the end of the Vietnam conflict. People might stand by while their nation's military invades other countries, but at this point forcing citizens to do so would cause mass protest, especially if they draft women.

  • No womens are strong

    They can do anything if they want . Womans have such powers to fight and in today's generations womans are being well educated and are better than men . Let's take an example only that in rio olympics many sporties are woman and have won the challenge and have make there india proud and their parents. And not only these many of the womans have the spirit to do anything .Many of the womans have joined air forces and navy force also . Womans are being better than mens . It is a fact.

  • Let women be drafted

    I'm a guy that's in the army now, I would be happy to serve next to women or men. If a women wants to be in the front lines to fight with me I would rather have her their instead of a guy who was forced to do this job. Women can be just as strong as men, they could be even stronger. In battle men cry for their mothers and saying that they couldn't handle it mentally is wrong. They could handle it. People say women are build to love and take care of the kids. Look at lions the women hunt and fight. Men just want more power to become truly a equal country we need to let women be drafted. I'm sure that women would want this.

  • No, there are jobs for women in the military in which they would do well.

    A draft would add valuable talent for the military. Drafting women would be a good idea because there are some military jobs for which they would be better suited than men. The draft will increase diversity in the military and adding women to the mix will make the mix even more different.

  • No

    No, drafting women would not weaken the military any more than it already has been weakened in recent years. My brother is in the Navy and the Navy has a policy in basic training where if the drill instructor is yelling too much and stressing a recruit out they can take a break to calm down.

    This makes sense, right? Because in war if you get stressed you can tell the enemy to stop firing so you can have a time out?

    It's dumb policies like this one, not women, that are weakening the armed forces.

  • Despite being weaker than men,women are not too weak to join the military.

    Women without children could join the military.

    I have to say that women have proven that they can do many things,despite being physically weaker than men.Also,I consider that conscription only for men is sexist both against men and women because neither men are war machines nor women are sex machines to bear children without consent.Women without children should join the military in order to help men,but they should be less than men,as they could be easier protected.

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