• But it has to be all drugs

    To really take a bite out of organized crime we need to legalize all drugs.

    I know some of people's responses would be: "What?! Are you kidding me?" for things like meth or heroin.
    The point of a law is not to send messages about right and wrong, it's to get things done. People who are dumb enough to do meth and heroin don't care about going to jail.
    From the point of view of the non-user's rights all drugs should be legalized. I, the non-user should not have to risk my life with an increased chance of being gunned down by a stray bullet from a driveby shooting or getting my home and possibly my life destroyed in a police raid on the wrong house (these things have happened!) or my property confiscated because a renter cleverly hid their addiction from me.

    Furthermore I should not have to risk that the home I buy might be contaminated with dangerous chemicals from a meth or other drug lab. The only way to clean up that risk is to legalize drugs and put their production in the hands of regulated, licensed factories and out of places people and their children live.

    And then for those who think the crusade to save people from themselves is oh so worth it there is no evidence that prohibition helps people get over drug problems. In fact it pushes the problem socially underground. Heroin addicts only talk to other heroin addicts and so easily think they don't have a problem. It's hard enough to get addicts to admit to having a problem, it's even harder when the law forces you to only reveal your problem to other addicts. Legalizing drugs increases the chance of someone getting a reality check. Example, friend asks friend to borrow money. Under prohibition the borrowing friend is unlikely to tell their friend about any illegal drugs. With legalization and the lending friend pressing further the person is more likely to answer questions about recreational activities: "well I have been going to quite a few cocaine parties, four times last week, twice the week before, twice in the week before that, oh dear I have a problem don't I."

    So legalization will help people who are addicts to get help.

    Legalization does not mean normalization. No advertisements should be allowed for hard drugs and places selling them shouldn't even have a sign saying what the place is for. They should be allowed to have a website telling people where they are at and that's it. Users should be expected to take their hard drugs in the privacy of their own homes with children absent and anyone invited to be there informed that they are about to be high.

  • Prohibition Creates Crime

    I believe legalizing drugs would decrease organized crime. Organized crime always provides the items society wants, but can not obtain illegally. This is why prohibition doesn't work and no matter how hard you crack down on it, it's never totally resolved, you can't eliminate drugs from society. If criminals don't have a product to provide or they can move into legitimate businesses, I think everyone is far better off.

  • The solution is the end of currency.

    If we end our obsession with small bits of green paper, and unsure that the populous is well educated and cared for then the idea of "crap I'm in debt Ill rob a bank or run meth" is unnecessary, then crime rings and consortiums run out of both costumers and recruits. This is the solution to organized crim, however if one has ban there will still be a neighborhood grower. Thus I would move from large to small organizations.

  • Slightly but not fully

    It will cut severely into the profits of the gangs as marijuana is the biggest money maker for them, and we can use some of the money raised from the taxes on marijuana to help hire more police and DEA so we can crack down on gangs and get them out of our country.

  • Comparison to the Prohibition

    This can be directly compared to the effects of the 21st amendment. The key word to be realized in the topic question is "decrease". Nobody is saying organized crime will be permanently removed from our society, but the amount of it will certainly decrease if marijuana is legalized. There will always be someone somewhere that tries to get away with breaking a law for profit, but removing the biggest such example of that would be the best step

  • Yes it will

    I believe legalizing drugs would decrease organized crime. The war on drugs is a waste of time and a battel that can't be won its a joke. We should be worried about are national debt. Going green(pot) could pay on that debt we have jamming the American way of life. Get real Washington!

    Please stand strong in defense of our Second Amendment Rights in Washington.

  • Marijuana above the rest

    Marijuana is and always has been a controversial drug. However, the only people it is controversial to is the lesser informed and the stubborn. With recent scientific efforts it has been proven many times that marihuana has medical benefits. It is less harmful than drugs that are already legal and always have been. Cigarettes cause something like half a million deaths per year. Marijuana, at least directly, causes zero. It's also one of the major money makers for criminals because of it being illegal. If it's legalized they'll have no market and it could have a huge positive impact on reducing harmful criminal activity.

  • Drug legalization would decrease organized crime.

    Illegal drugs are an important source of income for organized crime. If drugs became legal and sold by legitimate companies, the crime rings would not be able to earn as much money. In this way, the government could hurt organized crime and also earn more money from taxes that could go to police.

  • Yes,drug legalization would decrease organized crime.

    Yes,drug legalization would decrease organized crime.Organized crime acts on the premise that their activities are not sponsored on the government.Legalizing drugs would take funds away from organized crime and place into more legitimate channels like taxes.Thus,organized crime would be forced to either go legitimate or switch their focus to other illegal activities.

  • No, the hard drugs will still be trafficked.

    The pot and small time drugs that are practically main stream are not where the organized crime people do their best business. It is in the hard drugs that cater to addicts who will pay anything and who go into deep debt for their fix and these drugs will never be legalized.

  • There would be turf wars.

    No, drug legalization would not decrease organized crime, because there would be more market for the drugs. The drug cartels would need to have even larger turf wars for their drug sales. They would still need to control black market sales, because dealing would still be underground, rather than in a safe environment. Deaths would likely increase.

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