Would drug trafficking in the U.S. decrease substantially if it were punishable by the death?

  • Instant Death Penalty To drug Manufactures And Wholesalers and a minimum of 10 years jail with no parole for any other traffickers.

    Have to bypass the legal system and get the scum out of society immediately. The system of putting them in jail just a waste of time and money. They are no better than a rabid dog and can't be rehabilitated in the short term if ever. Just users, as long as not committed any other crimes, should be rehabilitated.

  • YES. Most dealers are gutless spineless people that would be homeless if they didn't sell drugs

    I took a drug addict off the streets a few years ago and he hasn't stopped doing drugs. He finds them anywhere he goes. I have met most of his dealers and they all say that is the only way they have to feed their families. If they were faced with death they would go to a fast food restaurant and get a job instead of being able to pull out a wad of cash that is in the thousands. I say kill all the scum and legalize all drugs so the ones that will kill themselves on the $h1t will be out of our lives. It would solve a lot of crime that is done because people have been raised to think drugs are a way of life.

  • Of course yes

    Drug trafickers should be sentenced to death beacause if they are not the sickness level will go up as also the percentage of cancer. Sickness will spread and ,how will we survive ? We will all die and that is not fair! We can not die because of the actions other people make.

  • Protecting the future

    There are some people whose actions have strayed so far from morality that they have smeared all that we work towards in order to be all we can. They stomp out the potential in children by introducing a destructive addiction. If the children are our future then we need to protect it. How can we expect to survive if we are alone amongst an unstoppable flow of drugs and grief.

  • Yes. Yes. Yes

    Kill them. Without conscience. A bullet between their eyes. Death by firing squad. Prefably by the mother who buries her heroin addict son. Or the father that walks his dead daughter to the afterlife. Where she reigns in heaven. Perhaps heath ledgers dealer can explain to his child why he died. An addict myself. Someone should have shot me between my eyes when I gave my sister amphetamine whilst sitting her history SAT. A potential oxford graduate, would be poet and writer., now a two bit drunk, addict. I would welcome it

  • The death penalty works in Singapore for drug trafficking

    Both the level of drug abuse and drug trafficking are tiny in Singapore, where the death penalty is applied rigorously. Singapore does not allow this social problem fester into the violence and abuse seen in other countries. Nor does it pretend the problem of abuse will go away simply by legalising it.

  • Sending A Message

    It would send a message to all would-be drug dealers that the U.S. just isn't going to put up with this anymore. Drug traffickers cause the deaths of countless individuals everyday and are to blame for assisting a lot of other violent crimes as well. If the drug dealers were put to death, then there would eventually be so few drug dealers that mainstream society would be unable to acquire drugs and it would improve society in general.

  • Kamal

    Drugs Traffickers must go to HELL they are doing Genocide and treason to humanity ,Isn't it?

  • Tony

    They must die because they cause other people die

  • Singapore is a good example, speaks for itself.

    1. Why are you aligning yourselves with drug traffickers and murderers instead of being on the side of law abiding citizens? 2. Setting an example for like-minded perpetrators. 3. Human rights are only for humans. Drug traffickers and murderers do not fall into this category because they are essentially evil manifested in the fresh.

  • Back to Singapore,

    People believe Singapore is completely drug free, however, as a Singaporean myself, I would say that many more drug traffickers go free than those caught. We can see this from the hugely disproportionate number of addicts to traffickers. I also personally know of a Singaporean who took drugs and got away with it. Now, a drug trafficker would not be doing what he does without it being necessary. They are usually in dept or have needy family members, thus, they would put others before their own lives. Lastly, the drug lord behind the operations will not be affected badly, and there will always be those willing to be their runners. Overall, I would like to say that the death penalty is not the solution, but rehabilitation to help them or life imprisonment to prevent further offences will be much more effective.

  • You are an idiot.

    You cannot just kill hundreds of people. Do you not know how many drug dealers there are in this world? That would be ridiculous. Probation and drug treatment are good enough, plus they get put in prison for five to ten years for slinging some pot, when pot is completely harmless.

  • Decrease? Haha thats funny!

    Would drug trafficking decrease if punishable by death? Yes. Substantially? No. Did people back in the day stop stealing or commit crimes that ARE punishable by death? No. Matter in fact it didn't even budge the crime world, it just challenged it. Thats what a criminal committing any kind of crime wants. A challenge. Plus if its being grown then its being sold and distributed. There are always going to be people that want or need it and when theres a demand there is always a supplier right in your neighborhood. Is there any way of stopping drug trafficking? Once again no, we can have hope, faith or just believe we can eliminate it but it will always be there.

  • Drug trafficking would decrease, but not substantially, if it were punishable by death.

    Because there would always be a demand and there would always be people willing to supply, that flow would not take a large enough impact to be considered substantial, even if trafficking was punishable by death. Though it would most likely decrease somewhat, the degree would not justify the means. Most supply does not come from the U.S.; it's from South America, so the actual suppliers would not be affected.

    Posted by: RavidbardeI
  • I do not believe drug trafficking in the U.S. would decrease substantially if it were punishable by death, because there is no evidence of this in countries where it is punishable by death.

    In countries where drug traffickers are punished by death, there is still drug trafficking. Economic desperation produces desperation among people who have to feed their families, no matter what the possible punishment.

    Posted by: badfiish
  • Drug traffickers already have a high chance of dying for what they are doing.

    They have lots of other things that can kill them. Drugs are a dangerous business. People are murdered every day over drugs, and the death penalty would just add to the bodies. If we're lucky, they will all kill themselves without interference.

  • Though a death penalty punishment might deter some dealers, it is reductionism to think this will stop addicts from buying drugs.

    Drug trafficking happens because people want drugs. Addiction is horrible and hard to treat, varying greatly based on the drug in question. The death penalty for dealers would be unlikely to stop the supply of drugs because the demand for drugs would remain, and profit margins are simply too huge for most dealers to think about no longer dealing. Further, such punishment would mean thousands of people that the government would have to pay to have executed.

    Posted by: NimbleGreg
  • The enforcement of the death penalty is too lengthy a process to make it an effective crime deterrent, therefore, it would be unlikely to decrease drug trafficking in the U.S.

    It can take many years to actually carry out a capital sentence. This delay would make it very difficult to find a clear link for these more fluid sorts of crime, like drug trafficking. While there might be some decrease in the incidence of trafficking, it would be very difficult to make a reasonable link to the death penalty. Drug trafficking exists in the context of widespread, networked, and organized activities that can take place daily, without a great deal of open objection by citizens. That is not the case for crimes like first-degree murder. Using the death penalty to decrease these sorts of crimes simply does not make sense. It may not make much sense for murder either. It is very difficult to draw conclusions when the data sets are so far apart.

    Posted by: CompleteFreddie42
  • No

    people already take a massive risk by drug trafficking some people are forced to do it or conned into it so who are we to pass judgement. It's be known that innocent people have been wrongly convicted more innocent people will be placed at risk to take the wrap. Penalties don't make any difference and have been known to make things worse unless (1920's prohibition prime failure) and who are we to decide to take someones life? we should look more at the system and find an understanding why people are willing to risk their lives.

  • It is known that the death penalty serves as a minor deterrent from crime, and therefore would do little to end drug trafficking.

    Where ever money can be made people will do what they need to to make more of it. Murder has been punishable by death in many states in the U.S., but that doesn't deter organized crime from killing those that are in their way, nor does it prevent a man from killing his wife. The same is true for drug traffickers, who are already desperate individuals doing what they see as necessary to survive.

    Posted by: daveyxh

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