• Religion is ignorance, Ignorance is power, Power corrupts

    Indeed it is very comforting and tempting to find an accepting group who lovs you unconditionally. It is how christianity entered europe and it is how it eventually spread across the world. Oh wait no, it got forced upon the world. Just look at the Spanish conquestadors in south america. One of the most devout christians ever existed, the spanish, and they went in and killed, looted and destroyed an entire civilisation just for the gold. Ask yourself, when was religion ever a tool used by the people? Is it not a common beleive the people are the sheep who are to be led by a shephard. Wake up people, religion IS a tool. A tool to control the masses, and a very effective one. Sadly, humanity seems incapable of existing without a replacement for a God entity. To help this proces the laws should stop protecting the rights of religion (freedom of religion, freedom of being discriminated on the base of religion) and view religion as a corruption of the mind. Only when we view religion as a sickness we can start to cure it.

  • Limits, divides, and kills us.

    From the bloody Christian crusades to todays Islamic terrorists, religion has given humanity excuses to kill each other over nothing but a make believe story. This is all of course, over different versions of a story with extraordinary claims that contradict everything we see and observe of the real world through science. Religion provides zero evidence for it's absurd ideas. There is only one species of human ( Homo sapien sapien) on earth yet places like the West Bank are dividing us and putting us at war because the two sides identify with two different tellings of a story of a super powerful being who has not showed himself once (hmmm?). Many of these arguments are actually politically based but then become tied with religion, and at the point there is no longer any hope for the argument. Religion teaches us, the world is the world and who are we to question "god." Essentially tells us not to explore, be curious, and question the world we live in. I wonder why? Probably because religion is created by man and it falls apart as soon as we begin to investigate. Many religions oppress women. Islam especially but Catholicism as well, placing the blame of "first sin" on "Eve." If the human species has any hope, we have to abandon such absurd ideas. It holds us back and often results in violence. There are people out there right know, who want to kill me and would given the chance, simply because I don't believe what they do. This is disturbing. I embrace logic, science, and idea's that morals should be based on the desire for coexistence and peace, not fear of hell. But because I don't believe in this imaginary fellow "God/Alllah/Yahweh," whatever you like, people want to kill me. It absolutely boggles my mind. This is easy for me because I am privileged. I have a comfortable life and am educated, so I don't need religion as a coping mechanism. If we want world peace it will start with educating (and FAIRLY educating, not some bias to any religion like creationism) the global population. Teaching people to question and to be critical. Maybe it won't completely lead to the dissolve of religion, but it would help. Bottom line, religion is disturbing and it is incomprehensible that some people believe it.

  • Religion keeps us apart

    Though people say Religion brings harmony and love, it actually doesn't! People hate each other just because of the differences in their religions.They go on complaining about each other and in the end without their own knowledge they are leading the way to another war or fight!! What we must do in the future is not practice this false beliefs instead we should teach our future generations to avoid all types of these racism due to religions!

  • Religion is the root cause of genocide through the otherization of non-believers.

    Religion is often guilty of creating binaries and advocating for violence against non-believers. For example, the bible claims that non-believers are destined to go to hell. This discourse and construction of the other means that religion requires the extermination of non-believers in order to be justified since religion preaches an objective truth. Look at the genocide of native americans by the USFG in the 19th century as an example of the binaries of the "superior believer and inferior believer" as an example of this or, even more convincingly, the bloody history of the Spanish Inquisition, European wars of religion (most notably the Thirty Years War) or the history of Western colonialism as other examples.

  • War and religion go hand in hand

    All you have to do is look at the Arab-Israeli conflict which is still alive and well. Eliminate religious differences between these two people and what is there to fight over. No one needs to die over who owns the imaginary man in the sky. It is 2014, wake up.

  • A Real God Would Not Have Mentioned Itself

    A truly benevolent good-willing being would never have put itself in the light. Instead, it would have remained hidden, silently influencing things for all eternity. With God's power, men in power could easily be influenced to do greater things, make powerfully positive laws, and guide people to happiness. However, religion and God's of all forms have been the seed of ruin, the seed of chaos.

    Even animals form some kind of organization, and they don't have the same meta-cognitive abilities that we humans do. Even animals have certain laws of nature they abide by, but multi-layered beings such as us can take it steps further.

    Religion was never needed. In fact, Religion has only had a backwards effect on humanity. God could not have created the bible, for God is omnipotent and above such trifling matters. Too benevolent and powerful to make such mistakes.

    God is too much like a ruler, a king, a monarch, an emperor. If there were a true God, it would not be something found in religion. It would be so far beyond. A mere book could never contain the wisdom of a being of such boundary.

    Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

  • Outdated and Opressive

    Religion is a major cause in wars- the Crusades, Iraq, Afghanistan... Religion causes people to distrust or outright hate those who are not part of their faith. Despite the teachings of most faiths, more people have been killed in God's (or Allah's, or Zeus') name than any other person in history. Even today, religion influences our laws, forcing atheists and other groups to follow laws based on Christian beliefs, such as gays not being allowed to marry. If religion was gone, think of how many wars could be prevented. Think of all the progress we could make scientifically. Religion promotes intolerance and its values are archaic and have no place in modern society.

  • Religion is a racket

    20% of all land in America is owned by a religious building of some kind that does not pay taxes and is subsidized by the taxpayers in America .
    71 billion dollars that can be collected every year to go towards real issues simply because jesus wants to make bank, 20% of the land is being tapped by horrible organizations that steal from their communities and lobby politicians that want to do nothing but harm those who don't fit into their doctrines . We should start by taxing and fining religious organizations like any other big business for that's what it is a big business.

  • Religion encourages dependence on myth and fear.

    My experience is that those who depend upon religion to do their thinking are afraid to face their own humanity. That imperfection is its own perfection. If you could teach people to love and accept themselves and others as they are, not how some book (which constantly contradicts and confuses and promotes violence and oppression) tells them to be, fear would greatly be minimized and life could be lived to the fullest. By threatening eternal damnation is bullying, especially when enveloped with the uncertainty of the ability to negate that possibility of eternity. Religion is false ego boost for people to be self-righteous because they think their god is better than the other god. One thing religion had given us is some great architecture.

  • God has no religion...

    We are all children of God, hence therefore, we all are God. Religion just builds fences around one another, and limits our perception of the world. God has no religion. God has no political party either. Unless we learn to recognize that we are all children of God, and that we should love each other, the world will continue to run its course. It's time to throw off the chains of the world. Is not the golden rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, in all the holy books of every religion? Love is the greatest gift we can give to one another. Love is the true religion, and the only religion of this world.

  • Religion is the source of all laws.

    I personally believe that without laws such as the Ten Commandments, the world would be manic and there would be no law or order. Clearly, this would lead to the world becoming extinct as no one would know that they should "love thy neighbour as thyself" or never to kill.

  • Trying to Obliterate God

    No. Removal (or outlawing) of religion is something greatly desired by people keen to promote the idea of "everything is permitted" and that the human is actually God. By removing religion, people are attempting to remove God because they want to live their lives in ways which are selfish, perverted and greedy. The idea that there might just be a Supreme Force in charge is something they don't like because they don't want their consciences pricked while robbing others or engaging in perversion.

    Perhaps we should look at "removing religion" in a different way. Many folk don't like the church hierarchy, the bishops, archbishops, the fancy robes and all that. It can be intimidating to some. How much of it existed in Jesus' time, in the first Christian Church? Do we really need it all, to praise God? Maybe deal with the "trappings" of religion, pare it down; but you will still have God because He is there, wherever two or three are gathered together.....Be it on a hilltop, a church or a cave.

    People seem determined to set their own idea of a "moral code" and I think we can all see where that has led us in the past few years; one-parent families, gay marriages, pregnant schoolchildren, and so on. Once Man starts classing himself as God and making the rules, chaos will surely follow, just as in Tolkien's tale of the arrogant Assault of Men Upon The Blessed Realm.

  • Religion gives us all hope when all is lost, whether we believe it or not.

    Many of us may not know it, but our species have survived this long because unlike other organic beings we have acquired the knowledge to imagine and believe in supernatural things that lifts our spirit and gives us hope. We as the human species need something to believe in even though we sometimes deny it. To loose our religion is to loose the human spirit and to loose the human spirit is to loose what makes us who we are.

  • The world without religion would still have humans.

    Humans cause most of the world's problems. A world without religion would still have humans in it so I doubt very much the world's problems would go away. Non-religious humans (Stalin, Hitler, Mao, for example) seem to have killed just as many people and caused just as much suffering as religious ones have, if not, perhaps, more.

  • Eliminating the religion will not improve the world because it is the backbone of the world.

    No, I totally disagree that eliminating the religion will improve the world. Religion has been the guiding pillar for the humanity since ages. Religion is the building block for the humanity and provides direction in improving the world and becoming a better human being. Also,Religion has been giving guidance to humanity by various teachings and principle on how to live a meaningful life and become useful to society.

    Posted by: I0rFashion
  • Religion is the reason human rights exist, if we lose our religion we will lose the tenants that go with it.

    For the past two thousand years Christianity has worked tirelessly to elevate the status of women, children, the disabled, the poor, and the enslaved. After such a long time most of the world now too recognizes that people have intrinsic value given them human rights. The only thing that teaches us that people have value is our religion. Even if you are an atheist you believe in human rights in a western culture grown out of moralistic Christendom. If we eliminate what teaches that people have value naturally then we will lose the human rights we have worked so hard to secure. The idea that religion does what other studies are unable to do is continued here:

  • Eliminating religion will not stop war, famine, disease and greed.

    People will always attack and kill each other until a higher form directs us. Humankind has shown they lack the ability to lead on their own. Otherwise we would have achieved world peace thousands of years ago. The problems will continue even after religion is eliminated. Only time will show the people of the world the truth of what will happen after religion is eliminated.

  • We just use religion to find an excuse to escape reality.

    As an INFP i am free from desires that only my principles guides me and guess what? I'm neither religious or atheist the only thing what matters to me is what's right and wrong but yeah not all are/can be INFP but you know what's my secret? Self-control. We do not need religion, in fact religion dictates our everyday lives, religion binds us, it's an invincible chain that restricts us, in other words; religion is communism.

    Some of them might see it as an escape from reality, to find tranquility or to find someone to blame caused by the trials in their lives but for me, to believe in one true god is not through religion but it’s in one’s heart because In my eyes, religions serves only as a chain of command that governs humanity in which I don’t like since I never followed the rules unless it’s reasonable or someone to have authority over me but I only consider it only if they're just.

    Lesson; You do not need religion to guide you to become a better person, you yourself can do that if you have self-control per se even if you're a religious person, at least open your mind and do not become on of those ignorant zealots which according to their logic; considers themselves above all and always right even in wrong circumstances, and even if they're proven wrong, they'll just use god as an excuse to shove away their butt hurt feelings.

  • Spirit moves through all things.

    Human beings are spiritual beings, plain and simple. Look at the number of people who are searching for answers and trying to find meaning in their lives. Whether or not you believe in it, religion does provide this in addition to structure. If you look past the caricatures presented in the media, you will see that true Muslims, true Christians, true Jews, even true pagans and New Age believers are good people. They are not "hateful" unless you consider someone disagreeing with you to be "hate."

    Take for instance the poor. Religious people are some of the most caring and compassionate people around. You'll then see the food and clothing drives, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, etc. If we are truly meaningless globs of matter, should we really care about anyone else? Is there anything intrinsically "wrong" with being racist? Sure, there are many humanists out there, but their positive impact on the poor is dwarfed by the religious.

    It's not entirely fair to say that religion causes wars. How many wars have been caused by religion in modern times? The large ones were set off by atheistic principles, secular governments competing against one another, or ethnic differences.

  • Eliminating religion would only lead to the growth of new religious outlets, rather than changing anything.

    Religions have always existed, and evidence in neurology shows that people's brains are wired to be religious and to seek meaning. If some dictator suppressed the religions that existed, other religious outlets would arise, or the current religions would go underground. Destroying all religion was tried under Communism, and it failed utterly to improve anything. In fact, it made things worse.

    Posted by: R3yGoobIe

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Anonymous says2013-04-28T20:25:34.230
Eliminating religion may not have a devastating effect on society immediately because the vast majority of us have had our conscience impacted in some manner by religious indoctrination in morals and ethics. If not you, at least the people around you. However, with each succeeding generation being less influenced by religious influence, the impact would become more pronounced. People can't count on parents and the community teaching such thinks that would greatly impact our conscience because they will also be influenced by the lack of religious training. Most people need to believe in something greater than themselves for security and direction. Without a belief in God, the only laws that actually have to be obeyed are the laws of nature. Every value, including right and wrong, would, thus, be subjective, leaving us to realize those values can't be relied upon to give us the security and direction many will need. You can't rely on government to fill the shoes of religion because they are subject to being corrupt and incompetent. The young people in Scandanavia, an area long know to be more atheist than other areas of Europe, are, now, turning more toward religion as a means of filling the void in their lives. What the world would experience is an increase in governmental control over peoples' lives as a means of keeping social control. Bribery would become a far more common practice than it is, and people would lose respect for their government. More people would vote (if they were allowed to vote) for candidates that offer them more, instead of voting for the wellbeing of the State.
Anonymous says2013-08-16T07:49:44.067
So many people say religion is the main cause of war. It haults progress, and it makes good people do evil things but that just isn't the case. If it wasn't for religious ideals then half the laws that we currently have wouldn't exist. In certain ancient cities killing another person was acceptable for one reason or another. If religion didn't influence our laws in the way that it did then some random stranger could walk into your house butcher your family take everything from you and have no legal troubles. And as far as it haulting progress is concerned yes the Catholic church did declare war on science enlightenment and single handedly cause the dark ages but after they let up technology exploded over time in 100 years we went from plows drawn by horses to tractors that can pull more than a plow. To say progress is haulted because of religion isn't true. And good men do evil because religion is untrue as well. Evil men do evil things and use religion to justify their actions but evil men who go to prison and find God are 90% more likely to rehabilitate and less likely to repeat offend. Besides wars nowadays aren't fought for religious ideals they are fought for resources I never heard of a modern country that isn't full of religious fanatics who use religion to justify actions mind you going to war because of religious differences because if it was India would of longs since been destroyed by Christians because of their religion. The problem lies in organized religion not religion in general as soon as there is a leadership system in place and money gets involved the problems start.
Gilesthewizard says2014-01-29T13:43:36.800
Don't forget that Christianity said you could throw stones at someone until they were a bloody pulp for np reason whatsoever other than, "he forgot to pray on Sunday".
Mellisa says2018-10-17T14:55:58.857
Please stop religion it's insane and absurd, And people don't know they have been controlled by people, We are been used for our money, And they are using people,
Can't we start a new religion, Like humanity and save everybody's life. ❣️