• She seems pretty cool.

    If Elizabeth Warren became Hillary Clinton's running mate then it would be an even more historic election year. I think Elizabeth Warren has a very level head and I think she could bring a lot of good things to the table. Also I think she would compliment Hillary very well, as Warren is more calm and consistent, I think she would keep Hillary honest.

  • Yes she would make excellent runnign mate.

    I do believe that Elizabeth Warren would make an excellent running mate to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Warren has very similar views to Bernie Sanders and would look for the same political platform that he is pushing. This would eventually help Clinton sure up Sanders supporters and unite the party.

  • Yes, Elizabeth Warren would make a good running mate.

    Elizabeth Warren could be a strong running mate for Hillary Clinton. Clinton has long had difficulty with the more liberal-wing of the Democratic Party for not being tough enough on Wall Street and big banks. Warren, however, has spent much of her career fighting for the middle class; willing to take on Wall Street. In short, Warren could provide Clinton with more credibility to many liberals in her party.

  • Elizabeth Warren should not be the running mate

    Elizabeth Warren should not be Hillary Clinton's running mate. A vice president first duty is to balance the ticket, which she does not do since both are women and ideologically liberal. Warren is also from Massachusetts, a safe Democratic state this election year. A male from a Midwest swing state would be a better choice.

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