• Everything is possible

    Mr. Carlos Slim's idea is not too crazy after all. I think it would be a good experiment if someone decides to work only three days a week in exchange of giving up their right to retire when they are elder. I think that a company with financial strenght can afford it.

  • this would be good.

    the employers would be able to employ more people to give out more jobs without any more money. The only downside is that wages would have to be higher or the days that you work would have to be much longer than your normal work day in order to get your 40 hours to support your self

  • A Three Day Workweek is Ridiculous

    You would have to work 13 1/3 hours a day for this to work. Very few people can maintain peak work efficiency for over ten hours per day. Therefore employers would not be getting a proper work week from their employees. Anything under a four day work week would just not work.

  • Less earning(Rationality works )

    Yeah! They will suffer due to greater work load of the whole week...Do u think it will be okay to stay at office for 3 days in a week is good?? Not it is not good .......6 days with less working time is accurate.... Workload will be divided among the employees in a timely and perfectly manner

  • A three day working week would not harm employees and would actually benefit them.

    Long working weeks lead to extreme stress and related health problems and have been proven to lower quality of life. A shorter working week can allieviate these problems and also have the benefit of creating more employment. Surely it is better to live in a world where we share work and enjoy life than to have some people tired, stressed and over worked while others suffer in poverty and remain unemployed?

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The_Immortal_Emris says2014-07-23T20:24:46.087
Two anonymous responses to an anonymous poll in response to a poll that didn't go the way they wanted.

Biased poll is biased.