Would encouraging handgun owners to open (visible) carry instead of concealed (hidden) carry their weapons decrease the crime rate?

Asked by: Freeality
  • A Visible Sidearm is a Strong Deterrent to Prospective Criminals

    A significant portion of handgun owners apply for a concealed carry permit, if their state allows it, so that they may carry their weapon with them. There have been plenty of scenarios where a civilian carrying a concealed weapon was able to intervene in an attempted violent crime. Had the weapon been visible, would the criminal still have attempted the crime? Most states allow gun owners to openly carry their weapons without a permit, but when someone is seen openly carrying it creates an uneasiness in most people they come into contact with. I feel this is due to society teaching the public to fear the gun, not the criminal. If open carrying were encouraged and more common place I think it would prevent a portion of attempted crimes therefore reducing the overall crime rate. Once the public started to notice this, I feel the public will become more comfortable with the idea of open carry as well.

  • Yes for sure.

    Criminals fear what can and most likely will end their life. Guns being visibly shown makes a very strong deterent to the average criminal and I think it helps far more then concealed carry for that reason. Examples should be looked upon in say crime rates and even other cases where criminals ready to kill someone was stopped because they saw they were not defenseless.

  • We should have open carry

    If we have open gun carry laws thing like Newtown or the Colorado movie theater wouldn't happen. If you were going to go kill a bunch of people you better have a amazing aim and hand-eyed coordination to kill more than one person with a gun. Open Carry is Right.

  • No it would not.

    If a criminal is planning on hurting someone and they see that someone possess a gun they can just take out the gun owner before everyone else.

    For example, let's say I was a person with the intention to go into a mall in broad daylight and shoot children up, if I saw someone who has a gun they would be my first victim to die but if I didn't know if any one did or did not posses a gun I would be more skeptical to what I was about to do.

  • Guns suck because they kill

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