Would encouraging the practice of arranged marriages result in a reduced divorce rate?

  • Arranged marriages are not forced marriages.

    There are many misconceptions about arranged marriages, one of them being that they are forced marriages. They are not. Forced marriages will not allow the individuals any type of choice, however in arranged marriages, the individuals can refuse the partner their parents, or agencies offer them. Arranged marriages get rid of many risk factors associated with divorce, like low education, low income, no religious affiliation, premarital cohabitation, premarital childbearing, and having divorced parents. People, you still have a choice, it is just an educated choice.

  • It helps in the dating field for sure

    To all those who have been single, like me, or tried some dating website arranged marriage might help us out. Our parents, hopefully, know us best and can help us find a suitable partner. It's better than the person who has sex with you then leaves, druggies, alcoholics, prisoners, or some psychopath. In fact it could even help get parent approval easier. Plus, it'll be a bigger help on choosing a partner. Lazy people, like me, or people who don't have time to date at least have a better chance of getting a partner with arranged marriages. It's better than picking some person who abuses you or takes advantage of you.

  • Your parents know YOU

    Who better that knows who you are then your parents, if the couple that has been raising you for the last 18 years understands who you are, your temperaments, how you react in a situation, then who's to say that they won't choose a suitable spouse for you. I'd say they would actually be the perfect match makers for you. I don't know if you people have ever made a mistake in your lives and your mothers look at you in that way, the way that says "I told you so". I know that's happened to me in the past if I was smart when I was younger and had listened to my mother then I wouldn't have made as many mistakes.

    My mother actually chose my husband, she didn't know him, when I introduced him to her she knew that he was a perfect match for me even before I knew it. I married him, then I divorced him, which she said was a big mistake. Now I'm back with him and working out the kinks and we will be married again sometime in the next 2 years. I was lead to believe that instant gratification is the most important thing by by friends, which is not, I realize now that in a marriage couples have disagreements but disagreements are no grounds for divorce.

  • Yes, arranged marriages are more realistic.

    Arranged marriages are based on more realistic expectations and conditions and might actually reduce the divorce rate because people know exactly what to expect in the marriage. It is not based on the simple fact that two people are in love, but takes into account how suitable they actually are for each other. It also takes into account the legal and financial aspects of the union, something many people in love forget to think about. Love alone can be sorely tested when conflicts come up, in an arranged marriage those possible conflicts are settled in advance. There is also no notion of "I don't love you anymore" because that was never a condition of the marriage to begin with.

  • Sometimes divorce is a good thing

    This is an outdated practice that was primarily used by families who had wealth and wanted to make sure it stayed in the family. Mostly a device of royalty and the upper class, these arranged marriages tended to cause resentment and unfaithfulness, but divorce was out of the question or they would lose their inheritance. While family is important, no one should attempt to choose partners for their children. Divorce can be healthy and always remain a viable option for all marriages, arranged or not.

  • Depends on ability of both partners to handle their problems

    This will depend to the extent of tolerance, patience and trust, the partners have on each other. Without these three(3) things, a divorce situation is likely to arise,, whether its is an arranged marriage or a love marriage.However, these 3 things are likely to be present in a love marriage rather than if an marriage for the partners knew each other from before and with love these things can be easily achieved.

  • No I disagree

    The reason why people say arranged marriages result in a less chance of divorce is because in those cultures (e.g. Muslim countries) where people have arranged marriages, it is seen as shameful to have a divorce. Therefore, they put up with their partner even if they want to divorce. I know cases where women who have had an arranged marriage are desperate to leave the marriage but feel that they cannot because they don't want to be disowned by their family. Whereas in the Western world people are more open and if they are fed up with their partner, they will leave.

  • Let them choose who they want to marry.

    I think arranged marriages would not do much to affect today's divorce rate. I think parents should show their children what healthy relationships look like, and be realistic when it comes to things like marriage. Marriage is a life partnership with someone. Love is certainly a factor in marriage, but I think parents should teach their children how to handle things like money, which appears to be a common denominator in divorces. I cannot see most people being happy if arranged marriages were prevalent in today's society, especially if the parent wouldn't agree with their child's sexual orientation or if they did not understand his or her personality and wouldn't be able to pick a match that their child would be genuinely happy with for the rest of his or her life.

  • No, probably not.

    Cultures that still have arranged marriages and lower divorce rates are completely different than the culture in the U.S. Divorce is typically not permitted, and is even considered shameful. Since this is not the case in the U.S., marrying people off to total strangers would more than likely result in higher divorce rates.

  • Arranged marriages would ultimately result in higher divorce rates.

    No one knows better than you about what you like and what you can tolerate. People go through dating a person to make a good decision. Some people change over time and results in divorce, but if someone had no say in who they would marry, how would they know if this person could make them happy. Everyone has different taste in people. No one can know what makes you happy except you.

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