• Yes, English learners would learn more efficiently this way.

    I believe that English learners would learn more efficiently if every now and then they were able to compare English words with words of their native tongues. Granted, without this convenience, they are forced to learn basics faster, but I believe depth in knowledge could be acheived with a government sponsor on their sides.

  • Government Doesn't Have Time for This

    Unfortunately, the government doesn't have time to teach every immigrant how to speak and write English. There is where ESL classes at local colleges and high schools come in to fill the gap. It would be helpful if everyone had a bilingual sponsor to step up and help. However, taxpayers are already overburdened enough as it is right now. Private charities need to step up and help in this regard.

  • It always helps to practice.

    Yes, English language learners would learn more efficiently if they were assign bilingual government sponsors, because it is always helpful to have someone to practice with. The person would always have an accountability partner that would make sure that they are not getting discouraged as they work to learn our language.

  • No, English learners would not benefit from bilingual sponsors.

    I do not think that those who are trying to learn English in the United States would benefit from being assigned bilingual government sponsors. I think that they need to focus on the issue of learning the language and that should be enough for them. Any thing else than that is unnecessary.

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