Would flashing billboards enhance St. Mark's Square in Venice?

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  • No, billboards would ruin the historic charm of Venice

    Venice is one of the wonders of the world, a harmonious
    whole that blends Italian art and Byzantine splendor. A billboard of any kind
    would mar the magnificence of the square. This city of incredible beauty and
    enormous cultural value is already sinking beneath the waves of its lagoon. It
    is quite likely to disappear before many more generations have passed. A
    flashing billboard would kill the historic ambience and ruin the graceful
    appearance of St. Mark’s Square before its time.

  • Flashing Billboards Suck

    I do not believe that flashing billboards will enhance St. Mark's Square in Venice. Flashing billboards are some of the most nerve racking and annoying advertising ploy's on the market. The will not enhance St. Mark's Square, they will just make the area seem trashy and grotesque. There's no reason to believe that they would enhance the experience.

  • That would be an awful thing.

    The last thing an important historical site like Venice needs anywhere within its city limits are "flashing billboards." They're tacky, they're ugly, and they're garish. While I wouldn't have a problem with them in downtown Las Vegas, that's not an experience I would wish to have in Venice. Even if the locals are okay with it.

  • Billboards Bad for St. Mark's Square

    St. Mark's Square in Venice wouldn't be enhanced by flashing billboards. In reality, such billboards would be an eyesore for the area and would cause more harm than good. Too many billboards have dotted the skylines of larger areas, and they've never been considered a positive thing in these areas.

  • Advertising Doesn't Enhance Anything

    I do not believe flashing billboards will enhance St. Mark's Square in Venice. Most people do not like advertising and I for one find flashing billboards to be distracting and an overall nuisance. Businesses need to realize that over advertising kills business. There is not an appropriate place to put flashing billboards because no one really wants to look at them.

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