Would god really be a male or female like virtually everybody thinks it is?

Asked by: steffon66
  • Yes he would be

    God has both male and female attributes. When something has more prominent male attributes then female ones, it is considered male.

    Because God does not have testicles or ovaries, God is considered male for metaphorical reasons which dictate he is not a female;

    God has no mother, he did not come from anything, he is eternal, therefor we can determine that the ultimate origin was not specifically female for this root condition. There is no beginning of God. Because God did not birth creation with another entity beginning the one that gave him pregnancy, but instead God put Creation into the womb of Existence, he is Male not Female.

    If 'God was female' he would be second to another; the actual God; and God would be God, masculine.

    God creates without a second, because he is eternal, and all non eternal things have no need of multiple God entities to exist, in fact they could not exist with two God entities simultaneously because God is EVERYTHING, manifested and not.

    GOD is a unisex word. It is not masculine or feminine in nature. However, saying it or she when using God as a pronoun, is inaccurate, because he acts with masculine nature, so He is the only accurate pronoun, despite the unisex nature of the word God.

  • God is a boy

    God is a boy, it says so in the Bible numerous times...Now, as it says in the Bible, let's be kind to our neighbors and close this argument. I also don't see why we have to have 50 words in our arguments. DEBATE CREW, FIX THIS ISSUE PLEASE! -Thanks, Anonymous

  • God is a Spirit!

    John 4:24 tells us clearly that God is a Spirit. As humans we have what we call His "attributes" so its incorrect to compare God to is in our male/female attributes because we are made in His image. That image would be spirit, which is why we are rational, moral, and creative beings.

  • Gender is something that only animals need.

    First there is supposed to be one god. This means there is no need for genetillia unless it is going to screw some of us which would be seemingly infinitely worse than you screwing a baby in ways. Gender is for reproducing. Thats it. Its not actually for pleasure. Pleasure is the means and not the goal at least when it comes to instincts. And sex is supposed to be a sin or at least not nearly as righteous as celibacy. For god to be perfect he wouldnt be able to have sex so why would he need to be a male or female? If it decides to be a man then women have no rights because we would then think god favors us more as he made us dominant and is a man himself. How mest up is the idea that we (men) start out more godlike than women? Oh wait people actually did used to consider women as property of a a father or husband. I guess i should expect this kind of moral stupidity from ancient literature. Of course the bible was written at a time when people didnt think women had any rights in their relationship with their husband or fathers. They also believed that the disobedience of any parental command was punishable by painful death whether your parents are right or wrong. So if my parents are evil im supposed to be evil until i grow up to be old enough to decide what was right and wrong for myself. Also they believed that rape victims should have to marry their attackers. I used to wander why christians were so stupid but now i see its because they are warped by dogma from an early age and mistake the brain for a spirit and feelings for a heart. They think their religion has the only correct set of morals because their feelings adapted to those precepts when they were children. They never think to look around and see that everybody who contradicts them has the same exact kind of faith with the same exact evidence. Almost every religion claims to be the ONE true religion but they are only believed for a short amount of time and then they go to the gigantic cemetery we call mythology. It has been proven that the conscience consists of vague reminiscences of precepts heard in early youth. Thats why its the morality of the "heart" (feelings) as many christians claim. I dont believe i think outside the box. I think most people think in the center of the box. Thats why they believe that god is a man or a woman. They see males and females and think there are no other possibilities and that everyone must be a male or a female. Whats that belief based on? To my knowledge about the bible god only had a kid once and he didnt use sex to do it as mary was still a virgin so no genitellia.

  • God isn't a Human. He is a force.

    God is the supreme being, the Creator of everything. Thing's like gender don't apply to Him at all. God revealed Himself to a patriarchal society which resulted in Him being called a "Him". He is called Father not only because of the relationship between Him and Jesus (The Father and the Son) but also because of his male attributes. One final thing, God describes Himself as I AM. That's it. I AM

  • God is God

    If I did believe in God, I would state neither.

    In the Bible God is referred to with the masculine pronoun "He" or "Him." But that does not necessarily mean that God is a male figure.

    God is both man and woman and He is neither. He is everything and He is nothing. But believe what you will. I'm sure God will forgive you if you're wrong. After all, we know virtually nothing about Him.

  • God is not Male or Female

    God is not male or female, because we are created in the image of God, men and women, then God must be something like both at once. God could be both, or neither. Jesus came to Earth as a man, but God is not man or woman. Bottom line: You can't possible imagine God until you meet him.

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God is a Spirit!
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