Would god really make us play the lottery for salvation (pick one of thousands of contradictory religions) and torture us for losing?

Asked by: steffon66
  • Yes; God is Evil

    God is just a "dirty old white prick" who is no different then the "big 1%" on planet earth. He is just the "Big Guy" with "Unlimited Power" up above the earth! He is your typical white CEO that is apart of the "World's Top 10" but "On Steriods". He is your typical "High Class Jerk" as well as a "Sociopath" who is also apart of the "Great 4 that are Above". He is also worse then all the religious/non-religious mass murderers in the entire history of the human race. The Creator of the Universe (God) is totally not fit for worship or servitude; he's fit for one thing, and that's "Permenent and Absolute Rejection". He either condemns one to slavery or torture or both. He is a Gang Leader not the "All loving Father and All merciful Creator" that is totally a nothing more then a myth no less then a lie. I am a devout antitheist and I not only hate God but I also refuse to believe in him.

  • Worse than that. We don't even know if there's been a winner.

    If you were a Mayan and never came into contact with Christianity (assuming YHWH is God), the answer is yes. You would never have any reason to trust in a god that never shows up; but if he really existed, he would torture you forever anyway because it wasn't his fault he didn't feel like showing up. Most people only believe in god because they are told to.

  • That isn't how it works

    In his Bible he clearly states how to get to heaven. No confusion or anything else. Believe in Jesus christ and follow his commandments.

    A little myth busting: Hell is not eternal punishment. No where in the Bible does it say that Hell is eternal. That is a myth that Satan has used to discredit God.

    In conclusion, follow the BIble, no lottery required.

  • No, no way!

    Okay, so lets say a persom was born into a Buddist family. They would probably be a buddist too. The Christian God wouldn't send them or their parents to hell just for being Buddist, even if they heard about Christianity if they lead a good life, not doing things that are downright evil, i doubt they would go to heaven, but they would likely go to some happy place probably simiamlar to Limbo, which is where Christians used to believe babies that died before being baptised go. Most of this is my opinion, but i really don't think the Christian God would send them to hell. Personally i doubt there are many people in hell, because hell is only for the most extremely bad, and usually people who do terrible things have a mental disorder, and that's not their fault.
    I would like to add that Xxzefd was a little rude. I mean, you're allowed to have your own opinion, but you can't be scrutinising other people's beliefs either.

  • Of course not

    The Bible and the Christian religion as a whole consistently contradicts itself. "God" wouldn't gather a select amount of "believers" to ascend to the Heavens and leave the others with a predetermined amount of years of "Hell on Earth". How can a superior being who is claimed to love each and every human unconditionally torture over 95% of them? It's also scientifically impossible for any event such as the rapture to ever occur

  • Of course not...

    ... For he does not exist. And he who does not exist cannot hypothetically do something that evil. Let's say, for the sake of argument, that there actually was a god. Yes he would. What is he doing right now? He's intentionally hiding himself and tricking most of the population. But in all seriousness, no he wouldn't. Because he doesn't exist.

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