• Jobs would decline!

    Think of banks, utility companies and other various companies which one deals with regularly. They're stressing that they are going green which sounds nice and maybe you think "yes, let me do my part and help them too". Not only are you helping save part of a tree by doing things online, you are helping these huge corporations save millions of dollars which they will not share with you. It takes jobs away from people who usually deal with mailings to customers. Now you may be saying "well not that many people occupy that job." False. These companies are major corporations and thus deal with millions of people and need to send out thousands of bills/statements daily...need I go on?

  • Does it really help or do YOU think it helps.

    Yeah yeah.. You all say these fancy things that it helps and all. But let's think of this.... You work these dead on jobs to makes ends meat. You go on and on about how you need more money and how this is the only thing that support you. But boom; going green comes out and you have to buy all new stuff to go green and such. Even recycling costs money, now how does that work? You're broke, struggling with the bills and you have to pay more? The food costs, which is a little more expensive than what you pay right now, is a "requirement" now? Alright then, let's dig up that piggy bank and find out how this all works out for us and see who is the big man in the poor man's country. Go green Go broke.

  • New Opportunities

    Going green could actually be seen as a new way to boost the economy. One thing that comes to mind is energy usage. There are MILLIONS of dollars spent not only in the inefficient usage of the fossil fuels available to us, but also in the infrastructure and materials required just to acquire the energy. If science allows us in the future to master new and more efficient methods (think cold fusion), we would save potentially billions through efficiency and possibly energy sales too.

  • I don't think so!

    I think going green would be great for the economy. We need to be more vigilant on ways to save our energy and find other ways to create energy from natural resources. This country is way too dependent on the resources we have. What happens when those things run out? I think it would be good for our environment. We need to take care of this planet.

  • Green Would Be Best News for the Economy

    No, going green would not be bad for the U.S. economy. While going green might end up making some businesses obsolete, going green would most likely provide many more opportunities for business. The recycling possibilities alone would be huge. There would certainly be initial costs associated with the changes that would be required to switch to a green lifestyle but the end result is likely to be far more lucrative for all involved.

  • Of course not, going green might actually be quite beneficial for the economy.

    Green initiatives are good for the environment and could assist in reviving the U.S. economy. Initiatives that involve solar power and wind energy could put many people back to work and help this nation to secure its economic future. In addition, greener solutions involving automobiles could assist the economy in thriving further.

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