Would granting Native Americans federal government representation on a direct level ease many of the issues in the community?

  • Yes, I think it would ease some pain

    The representation would allow them a bigger voice, Its a long way from being a solved issue. They need to feel like their voice has backing and reason. We have treated them like garbage for a long time and I doubt anything small is going to make them feel welcome, it has to be big or nothing at all.

  • Ease the Pain

    Many reservations and tribes are suffering from poverty, disease, and crime. The fact is that the United States government has expressed no clear interest in helping these people who have been subjected to horrible prejudice, and set back by a foreign culture that decimated their people and land, while stealing their ways.

  • More Needs to be Done

    More needs to be done with the Native American community than just permanent federal representation. Kids need to be educated and alcoholism needs to be eliminated. Life on reservations is hard. Federal representation will help. But much more will need to be done in order to fix the problems of Native American tribes displaced by the atrocities of Europeans hundreds of years ago.

  • No It Wouldn't

    I do not believe granting Native Americans federal government representation on a direct level would ease the issues within their communities. American Natives who now live life on a reservation are facing socio-economic problems that are brought on because of the location of the reservation and the lack of jobs available there. Simply giving them representation won't do anything to solve their problems.

  • No, I don't think granting Native Americans Federal Government representation would ease many of the issues in the community.

    I think that while it may help and give Native American communities more access to Federal programs and benefits overall it would do very little, any Native Americans in the Federal Government would be a very small minority overall and would have no real power to pass legislation to help their communities overall.

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