• Of course it would.

    This has been proved time and time again. In countries and regions where there is a lot of access to birth control and contraceptives, births out of wedlock are drastically lower. As are STDs and teens giving birth. There is no question as to whether this method would be effective.

  • Yes, it would.

    There are many people in the developing and third worlds that do not have adequate access to contraception. If it was more readily available people could enjoy themselves without the risk of becoming a parent. There would be many advantages to this and it would help to reduce poverty in the third world.

  • Yes, I think greater access to birth control would help reduce out-of-wedlock births.

    I think with proper access to birth control and lots of public education campaigns on the benefits of using birth control then we would indeed be able to reduce the amount of out-of-wedlock births in the nation, I think everyone can agree that this is an issue that needs to be worked on.

  • Yes, it would reduce unwanted pregnancy

    Easier access to birth control would reduce unwanted pregnancy, which would reduce out-of-wedlock births. If women had easier and cheaper access to birth control, they would be more likely to take it, thus less likely to get pregnant. Countries that have free, easy access to birth control have a much lower rate of unwanted pregnancy.

  • Birth Control Would Reduce All Births

    Greater access to birth control would certainly reduce out-of-wedlock births, preventing conception in unplanned and unforeseen situations. It would also prevent some births in a marriage for the same reason. Of course, the prevention of births depends on proper and timely use and application of contraceptive methods. It saves society money to provide contraception because later, the welfare system does not have to support these unwanted and uncared-for children.

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