• They just did a study

    It is something I have been saying for a while now. I was in the military and am not anti gun by any means. The study found that guns do not keep us safer. In fact, the study found that the states with most relaxed gun laws had the most gun related deaths. It seems like it would be common sense, but we all know how people like to spin things to keep their profits up. Stricter gun laws would reduce violent crimes and keep us safer.

  • Yes, I believe stricter gun control laws would reduce violent crime.

    I believe that by having more gun control laws you would cut down on the impulsive behaviors that some criminals exhibit before committing their crimes. The criminals would actually have to plan out their attacks well in advance in order to get the gun or pass background checks. During this waiting period there is a greater chance that someone would be able to help them or alert the authorities.

  • No I do not believe so.

    Gun laws would make it easier for the criminals to commit crimes. If I was a criminal and had a choice to either commit a crime in a place that is located in a heavily gun controlled area or attack a place with more relaxed gun control I would choose the more heavily gun controlled area because the chances of me being caught or even shot are lower than the relaxed gun controlled area due to the lack of guns in that area.

  • A lot of places with strict gun control have an extremely bad problem with gun violence

    Many dangerous US cities such as Chicago, Baltimore and Washington DC have some of the strictest gun control in the country. Also, Latin American countries like Mexico, Brazil and Colombia have very strict gun control, and some even have a total ban on guns, and their gun homicide rate is over 5 times that of the US.

  • What about the criminals?

    What many people don't see (or don't want to see) is that criminals won't give up their guns! Hence the name, criminal. So no, gun control laws would just make it easier for criminals to rob/hurt/kill law abiding citizens. Very truly though, if gun control laws are put into action, then the government is the true criminal for violating the 2nd Amendment (Right to own firearms).

  • Look at the UK

    When they banned guns in 1997 their violent crime rate went up 70 % and their homicide rate when up 50%. They're the most Violent country in Europe.I love England. It's a Beatiful and truly an amazing culture as well as Scotland, Wales and north Ireland. The UK is a great place and I'm not trying to insult anyone but seriously those laws have hurt them not helped.

  • No, I don't think gun control laws would actually reduce violent crime.

    I think that those who are going to commit violent crimes with firearms are going to do so regardless of what the current gun control laws are, I think gun control laws only harm innocent people who now find that they have less ways to be able to defend themselves.

  • No, gun control laws would only escalate the violence.

    No, gun control laws would only cause people to be sneaky and find illegal ways to obtain guns and ammunition. If anything more illegal high caliber weapons would be bought and sold than small caliber weapons. Gun control would just contribute to any chaos that may arise. People do not like to be told what to do with their gun.

  • No, gun control laws would not reduce violent crime

    No, I do not believe gun control laws reduce violent crime. Some of the most crime-ridden areas of the United States, such as Chicago, have very strict gun laws. The safest parts of the country are generally in the rural areas, where hunting rifles are common and no guns are banned. The problem with violent crime is poverty, not the illegality of guns.

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