• Yes, of course!

    Of course gun control would reduce crime! It does't take a genius to figure out that countries with no guns have less crime. This is simply a fact. If the USA restricted guns, the crime rate would go down. Take Canada for example. No guns = less violence. This is why guns should be banned.

  • Yes, gun control will reduce crime

    Gun control will reduce crime because guns pose serious threat to ordinary American citizens. Gun controls should be implemented so that people who are mentally dangerous should not be able to obtain guns. Strict gun regulations and family background checks should be done first before people can obtain guns. They should also increase the price of guns.

  • Nobody said anything about making guns illegal.

    Much of this is copied from another opinion of mine.

    There is no reason why anybody needs to own assault weapons or even semi-automatic guns. Any home invasion or other situation in which a standard revolver pistol with 5 or 6 shots won't work is rare. Not often do people need several magazines of bullets to protect themselves from anyone that wishes them harm. The restriction of guns to revolvers would also drastically reduce the amount of deaths in mass shootings involving legally-purchased weapons, mainly because the time and effort needed to reload such weapons gives victims much more time to either flee from or attack the shooter.

  • Gun Control Would Definitely Help

    Gun control would definitely reduce crime. It wold place qualifications for people who are eligible to have a gun. That would lead to less people having guns and only the more responsible people in the world owning them. I think this would reduce both rimes and deaths. Even if its no a big difference, lives would be saved.

  • More Strict Gun Control

    The only solution to lower gun violence would be a law banning the sale of all assault weapons, instituting a mandatory buy-back program for current assault weapons, defining exactly what an assault weapon is and finally instituting background checks for all persons who purchase a firearm. Once a law is passed which meets all of those criteria, gun violence will surely decrease.

  • Because teens are often killed.

    Yes, because some people behind the guns kill but all though they should give background checks... And it also pose a serious threat.. Gun controls should be implemented so people shouldn't be able to put others in danger at work or at school or even in public. Stricter gun laws will help crime rate go down I think!

  • Guns can give criminals leverage over normal citizens.

    Some people might say guns do not kill people do, but what those people don't understand is that killers look for a fast quick kill, so they can leave the scene quickly and guns are the perfect weapon for that. Guns shoot fast and if there silenced they're barely heard. That is the perfect silent kill. And that's what killers want.

  • Stricter gun control - Yes!

    Do I believe that control on firearms will reduce crime? Yes. But I also dont believe in taking away firearms from law abiding citizens is the answer to gun control. We need more regulations put into place on who, when, how and where guns can be purchased. I don't believe you should be able to go to a weekend rinky dink gun show and be able to walk out with a weapon regardless of make or caliber. I think that you should not be allowed to legally buy a firearm, or any accessory for said firearm until the age of 21. Pawn shops and places like Walmart should not be allowed to sell firearms above a certain caliber, or semi autos. Bolt action rifles, shot guns and revolvers would be fine at sporting good stores and such. Specialized weapons such as semi autos like the Ak-47 or Ar-15 should only be sold by authorized stores and retailers. There is no reason why any person should be allowed to own weapons such as .50 cal sniper rifles or a lot the other weapons that are so popular in video games and with the military. There should be more extensive research into the individual and the people that live with said person before a weapon can be purchased. You can still in most states buy a weapon even though you live with a felon. Not acceptable. I believe that law enforcement and military should be held to the same standards as civilians. Just because you are a veteran does not mean you can walk out same day with a weapon of your choosing. There should be a federally mandated standard wait time for all firearms sales. I do believe that some gun-free zones should be abolished, either that or employ armed security for places like schools and hospitals. Those pathetic rent a cops will not be able to save lives with mace and tasers. I also believed that a well placed responsible armed citizen can be a very good thing. So yes on gun control but no on bans for semi autos and such. Responsible gun owners should no be punished because of political agendas and fear mongering.

  • Yes, gun control would decrease the crime rate.

    Gun control would definitely decrease the crime rate. Many people believe that guns don’t kill people, people kill people, but how would people kill if they were not allowed guns? Guns make it a lot easier for people to kill people and often in large numbers. According to, The United States has an estimated 283 million guns in civilian hands. Shockingly, more than 30 people are shot and murdered each day, which adds up to more than 10,000 gun-related homicides annually in the U.S. Gun control would decrease these numbers. Take Australia for an example. There was one mass shooting in Australia in 1996. Laws were immediately put in place after the shooting and guns were bought back by the government, and there has been no mass shootings since.

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  • Of course not!

    Take a look at England! Their home invasions, robberies and other crimes have increased because of it. This is a terrible idea. Also by removing our assault weapons we become pray to the the government. Look at what happened in Nazi Germany and countless other countries where weapons were removed from the hands of the public. More good comes from owning a weapon than bad. We can stop crimes in action by being able to arm the good people of this nation. My father stopped a deli robbery in 1998 because he had his weapon on him. Things like this do happen but it's never front page news for a month, it might get a 30 sec clip. The news is always shoving negative stories in peoples faces, so they fail to know that there is a positive.

  • Gun control advocates are misinformed.

    No, Gun control would NOT reduce crime. In fact, In places with strict gun laws, Like california, Prevalence of gun related homicides and crime in general are far HIGHER than in places with loose gun laws. It doesn't matter if you ban them or whatever, A criminal, Or anyone who plans on using one for unlawful intent, Isn't gonna follow the law anyway. The deep web and black markets exist for a reason. Another thing is, In 2012, There were a confirmed 8,855 firearm relates deaths in the united states, While 33,561 people were killed in accidents involving motor vehicles. That's over 3 times the amount of deaths caused by guns! In that case, Why is there no 'Car control'? And that's not even counting drunk driving deaths! A bullet is a small lead projectile that, A car is usually around a thousand pounds and is a large piece of machinery that can plow through many things. My point is, Cars have a purpose, They get you places without having to walk and make transportation easier and so on, But, Guns also have a purpose. Guns, After all, Were made to kill, Though, In the hands of a law abiding citizen, They can stop a criminal and save a life (Or multiple) just as easily as they can take one. So no, They do NOT reduce crime.

  • Don't take away our right to defend ourselves.

    Criminals do not follow laws. A gun ban will only give criminals an advantage. They will be less likely to attack a person if they know they have a high likelihood of carrying a firearm. They target the weak and defenseless. There is no need to make all the people of America weak and defenseless.

  • Don't take away our right to defend ourselves.

    Criminals do not follow laws. A gun ban will only give criminals an advantage. They will be less likely to attack a person if they know they have a high likelihood of carrying a firearm. They target the weak and defenseless. There is no need to make all the people of America weak and defenseless.

  • Gun laws would not prevent gun violence.

    The basic assumption in the claim that gun laws would stop crime is that they would be adhered to. If it were possible to eliminate guns gun violence would go down but we don't live in that perfect world. There are billions of guns in circulation and there are people with the knowledge to make them. Those seeking to break the law in killing someone would not hesitate in breaking the law to acquire one of them.

  • Don't take away our protection!😕

    I don't think people can just come and take away our protection. Yes, guns can kill but what if you are trying to protect yourself. Think about it, are criminals really going to give up there guns? Criminals would find ways to get them illegally, just like drugs. We all know they don't listen to laws anyway! Really people would be in more danger because they would not have a gun to protect themselves from the people who obtain them illegally. Plus, it's our constitutional right! Some countries have even said that's they would be scared to invade the U.S because all of its citizens are armed. If our government becomes oppressive we would also have the means to defend ourselves. I am on your side!

  • How would it reduce crime?

    There is no possible way it could ever reduce crime. If anything we need more guns in more places. If the staff at sandy hook or columbine were armed. They wouldn't have all been slaughtered. The only thing more gun control will do is make criminals more powerful against the common man. And secondly assault weapons are unnecessary for home defense but assault weapons should be allowed to better protect us from government tyranny. Because you won't know that the government will genocide us until it's too late.

  • Idiots to the left

    Gun control is about effective as drug control. Because not selling marijuana, cocain, etc on store shelves has kept people from getting a hold of drugs right? Idiots! Criminals don't obey the law, gun control doesn't reduce crime, it just makes innocent people more vulnerable to criminals with guns. Countries like England who are renowned for their gun control actually have a much higher crime rate per person than the US, in fact they dwarf the US in violent crime. States in the US with open/carry laws have an extremely low crime rate, wheres those who put a stringent law against guns are the exact opposite. I cant comprehend the stupidity of the left.

  • People have other weapons.

    If there was gun control people would use other weapons such as knives, fists, sharp objects, and poison. As long as there is sin, there will always be violence, with or without guns. When guns didn't exist people used swords,catapults,and canons. And besides, criminals don't follow the law, so they would find illegal means to get guns.

  • Gun control is political control.

    Gun control laws serve no crime control purposes as organize crime always has access to illegal firearms and common criminals generally rely on ambush tactics to overwhelm their victims. The only reliable purpose of gun control is to eliminate substantial threats to the government by politically undesirable elements of society who wish to use force of arms to resist government policy.

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