• Yes, gun control could work in the U.S.

    If gun control can work in other Western countries, why couldn't it work in the U.S? There are not scores of English citizens being murdered in their beds, despite their very strict gun control laws. The gun lobby has become too strong, and is permitted to incite panic by claiming that no law abiding citizen will be safe ever again if we enact stricter gun control laws.

  • Yes it would work.

    After a mass shooting in australia in 1996 the government instigated a huge rewrite of the rules and put very strict measures in for gun control. Yes people didn't like it and there were many arguments against it but guess how many mass shootings australia has had since 1996? 0. That's right its 0. Not one mass shooting in 19 years. When was our last shooting? Literally last week in San Bernadino. Homicide rates and suicide rates also went down dramatically. Many people there were making the same argument, that gun control wouldn't work. But the benefits australia has by far outway the giving up of one right. You could be that much safer and not have to worry about someone shooting your kids at school if you give up one right. Aren't people's lives more important than whether or not you can have a gun? To make a metaphor in a video i found; some say that people would still be able to get guns if it was made illegal. Crack cocaine is also illegal in America but surely people must still be able to attain it. So if there is no way to completely get rid of crack cocaine, is it not worth regulating at all? I also agree that yes, we should be looking at the reasons why people are committing these mass shootings, but if they dont have the means to do so everyone is safer.

  • It works in other countries.

    It works in countries such as England or South Korea. They prohibit civilians from holding guns, but police may. Is the police not essentially made up of the people? They will not allow their families to be persecuted for no reason, and most certainly will not allow some Napoleon to take control of government. Gun control does not outlaw all guns. However, normal civilians do not need a stash of machine guns at home. It is wrong, unnecessary, and stupid.

  • Firearms Regulations Work

    States in America with more regulations have fewer deaths resulting in guns per capita. This isn't true for every state, but a general trend exists between the number of gun regulations and gun deaths. The regulations are likely not the sole cause of the decrease in gun related fatalities, but it is undeniable that the regulations have at least some effect.

    Furthermore, tying into the "some effect" argument, even if banning or more highly regulating guns doesn't fully prevent gun deaths, or get all guns off the streets, any decrease will save lives and thus is worth it. Until our country gets to the point were we value the lives of our people over carry a pistol, we cannot maintain a moral high ground.

    A common argument that opponents to gun regulation use is that the second amendment guarantees American citizens the right to guns, and that it cannot be violated. The second amendment doesn't clearly state what "the people" is referring to. It is a plausible argument that banning a gun is legal provided that it does not infringe on the regulation of a militia. Since most gun owners are not part of a militia, gun regulations do not necessarily violate the second amendment.

  • Yes, it can help

    Can gun regulations work alone to curb the gun violence in the country? Absolutely not. Can it work in conjunction with tackling mental health etc.? Absolutely.

    Most people argue that it has to be one (guns) or the other (mental health). This isn't a singular problem. It is complex and needs to be looked at as a whole.

    So can gun regulations work? Absolutely, as long as everything else is worked on as well.

  • Yes, it can help

    Can gun regulations work alone to curb the gun violence in the country? Absolutely not. Can it work in conjunction with tackling mental health etc.? Absolutely.

    Most people argue that it has to be one (guns) or the other (mental health). This isn't a singular problem. It is complex and needs to be looked at as a whole.

    So can gun regulations work? Absolutely, as long as everything else is worked on as well.

  • This is a social issue

    People killing other people is no more a debate about guns, as it is about trees and roses and pretty little puppies. When kids go to school and kill a bunch of people, before killing themselves, they aren't acting out of an entitlement to own a gun, they aren't screaming "this is my second amendment right, so I'm going to use it", they are crying out that something is VERY wrong with the fabric of American society.

    Bullying, social exclusion, anxiety and overly competitive and often terrible role models (or worse none at all), lead to a hatred of the world that a fifteen year old, awash in hormones, thinks they can only solve through death.

    This is a mental illness caused by social issues. Society should be more focused on WHY these events happen and (spoiler alert) it's not because people have guns.

  • Gun Control will not work in the U.S.

    I say this because Americans are already running scared. We as Americans respond to everything with violence and force. For example, when we make an ally with another nation, we make sure that they know if they turn against us, that we have the power (military/weapons) to destroy them and ruin their economy and make them scared of us in order to make sure they won't try and turn on us again. Another example is some police officers, now I'm not saying all police officers, because a lot of them are great and protect us well, but the ones that give the rest bad reputations are putting more fear into society. The police officers use force, like lately all the police officers using "self-defense" against unarmed citizens, and fatally shooting them, puts fear into other citizens once they see it on the news, causing them to buy weapons, and use them unnecessarily because they don't know when to or not to use them, whether they're actually in danger. I think that if the government would stop putting fear into our citizens, and other nations, we would not need gun control laws, and we would be a more peaceful nation.

  • It will never work.

    I do not think that there should be any gun control in America. Because what we all know is that even if gun control laws passed in America, there will STILL be criminals carrying guns in the streets. Besides, the 2nd Amendment states that people should have the right to bare arms (law-abiding citizens) and it's not just to defend themselves from home invaders, but also in case they need to stand up to a government that is corrupt and unjust. Besides, even if they did ban guns, there will still be criminals out in the streets with guns either mugging or killing innocent people. Besides, most of the time, the police won't make it either because they're corrupt, or they're just too to help people that need them. Besides, that 2nd Amendment was put in there for a reason by our forefathers. If another country invades in a time where gun control has passed, the blood of the people will be on the hands of those who supported gun control. No matter how much you try to ban guns, there WILL ALWAYS be violence. Ok, gun control passes, the next thing is knife control. After knife control, bat control. And after bat control, you'd better let law-abiding gun owners defend themselves from those who rob them or invade our country. Or should a government be extremely corrupt.

    Most of the time when shootings like Columbine, Virginia Tech, Gabrielle Giffords, The Dark Knight Rises Premiere, Sandy Hook Elementary and the Navy Yard happen, they always have to blame guns and video games. Guns are not the real issue of these random acts of violence. The real problem was that these kids were either bullied or mentally ill, or maybe they weren't raised properly. Besides, where did criminals get their guns? They for damned sure didn't get it in gun stores, most likely they got it from friends and other family members who wanted to show it to them. Besides, a gun doesn't kill people unless someone is holding it and is about to pull the trigger. If a gun owner has a gun at home, he/she has to make sure that their kids don't see it and do something so fouled up to a bully.

    States with strict gun laws such as New Jersey and Detroit have the HIGHEST crime rates than "shall issue" states. Some of the most dangerous places in America are caused by gun control advocates like Feinstein, Christie and so on. Like the pointless and pompous fraud of this "War on Drugs", gun control laws are unconstitutional. But no, to liberals and Obama's followers, the Constitution is just a piece of paper, and the 2nd Amendment needs to be removed. Besides, celebrities have their armed security guards, and their PSA of demanding a plan just demonstrates how greatly hypocritical they are. This government is without a doubt the WORST to ever grace this country.

  • Gun Control would not work in the US

    Gun control would not work in the US. I understand laws about background checks, and I am fine with that but to ban certain weapons is just too far. In America, our Second Amendment grants us the right to bear arms. I saw this quote somewhere, "If there is a stabbing, we blame the person who stabbed the victim. If there is a bombing, we blame the bomber, but of course, when there is a shooting, we blame the gun." I personally have been shooting since I was 12 years old. My military trained father taught me how to shoot. I have never had any close calls or anything like that. I believe gun control would not work in the US. Many would feel unsafe.

  • Remember the Holocaust

    Gun control certainly didn't work in Germany. Hitler said, "To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens." It is important to remember that in America. That is the purpose of the 2nd Amendment. Also, the reason that Japan didn't invade America in World War II is because too many American citizens owned guns. If we were invaded, the citizens would take up their guns and become a "well regulated militia." Its like free homeland security. Also, in a society where anyone could be carrying a gun, criminals would be nervous about doing shootings or robberies because they know they could get shot.

  • It already doesn't work.

    Look at Chicago. New York. Los Angeles. Detroit. These great cities that found America's character are plagued with crime. I live in Chicago. Here, "Assault weapons" are banned. I cannot possess a rifle classified as one within the limits of the county. Every day a watch the news, and look at a young kid who gets killed in Englewood. These kids use illegal, untraceable handguns (mostly) with no serial numbers and illegal modification. These guns the anti-gunners say cause so much flipping crime, don't at all. When Florida and Texas opened up their concealed carry legislation, crime dropped by up to 25%. In Illinois, the bureaucrats can't decide what to do with our new law on CCW licenses. Do you want change anti-gunners? Get our citizens who need help, help. And not ones who are too lazy for it, like the kids in Englewood who can't even afford a Big Mac, so they kill some poor person, and don't aspire to get a job and make a living.

    All in all, if you really want to stop gun violence, get the people involved. Start arming more citizens so they can stop so much crime in these cities that ban these "dangerous weapons of war"; because that's what law abiding citizens want to do with them, right? Wrong.

  • Not it doesnt

    It already doesn't work. I live in a horrible state. NY. Anything that's semi auto and has an external magazine is considered an "assault rifle" despite the real definition of assault rifle being a full auto or select fire to make it shoot full auto. It hasn't reduced crime at all. In fact it increased crime. People are going to jail even for having 8 bullets in their magazine when going to the shooting range. (7 is the limit in NY)
    When this Country was the most free the people and the government had equal weaponry. Now the people's weapons are getting smaller and smaller, and the governments getting bigger and bigger.

  • No. Gun control would not work in the U.S.

    Our second amendment garentees individuals the right to own guns for self defense against tyrannical governments and criminals. Some aspects of gun control such as universal background checks would work in America. 90% of Americans favor a universal background check. An assault weapons ban is completely un American and goes against our constitutional rights. An assault weapon ban will not happen in the U.S.

  • U.S. and Gun Control Don't Mix

    In reality, gun control wouldn't work if tightened in the United States. The people in this country are used to having their firearms and many rights related to them. There's no reason that we should tighten our gun control laws in the United States because the citizens wouldn't stand for it.

  • No, there are too many conservatives.

    No, gun control would not work in the United States, because there are still too many people who believe in guns and think that they are positive for protection as well as for hunting. No matter how powerful politicians are, if there is no public support for a law, it will not work. This is true for gun control. The public does not support it.

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