Would having super speed be better than teleportation

Asked by: Palikoi
  • Speed is more practical

    Teleportation is more limiting than speed. The ability to catch bullets, or just to stop some one from falling or having something fall on them, is more practical. You could still travel super fast if you wanted as well. Being able to teleport would be disorienting and without speed you could not really use it to do good or at the least prevent accidents in your own life. You could flee, but fighting or interacting would be very difficult without heightened cognition..

  • Having teleportation is much better than super speed

    To my point of veiw, I personally think that having teleportation is much better than super speed because of several reasons. Firstly, having teleportation means that you can travel anywhere on Earth in an eye's blink. You can even travel to countries like Australia without taking anly flight or using any kind of boat, something that super speed user won't be able to do (Cause they can't run on water :( ) Secondly, having teleportation can acually help you in your own life, especially for the shippers. They can reach their destination in a short amount of time. To conclude, I believe that having teleportation is much better than super speed

  • Teleportation is more practical

    Super speed, like any other superhuman ability has its perks. But I personally would pick teleportation. Its practical applications are limitless. Super speed has one advantage over teleporting; situations like the kitchen scene in X-Men: Days of Future Fast and the scene in X-Men: Apocalypse when Peter is evacuating the X-Mansion.

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What the heck?