Would Hilary Clinton be a better democratic nomination for president in 2016 than Joe Biden?

  • Regrettably, *SHUDDER*, yes

    First of all, Joe Biden is about as good at diplomacy as a drunken lemur with a handgun. He cusses like a sailor. He has no idea what is going on about most issues. His wheel is turning, but the hamster is dead. Hilary Clinton at least has some knowledge on the issues, even if I don't agree with her. Plus she's more like a bull in a China shop than a drunken lemur with a handgun when it comes to diplomacy.

  • Hilary > Joe

    Hilary would do better than Joe in running for president because of their respective reputations. Hilary has a reputation of being in control and influential, while Joe Biden sticks his foot in his mouth every time he opens it. However, neither would be a good president. A liberal leader has not worked for the last four years and won't for the next four either. It is time for a conservative leader to have a shot again.

  • Hillary Clinton for 2016!

    She would be an amazing candidate and a great president for the United States. She has worked extremely well as Secretary of State, which is the hardest job in the Federal Government and the one that has to deal with the most stressful issues. She has had a successful political career and has a lot of experience in the White House.

  • Scapegoats Don't Run

    Hillary Clinton has far too many instances of failure to ever be chosen before Biden. She is currently giving testament in court over her actions in Libya that left many U.S. worker dead in Benghazi. During her last run for presidential office she completely fabricated a brush with death during a trip to Bosnia during the 1990's. She was also highly implicated in the whitewater debacle during her husband's presidency.

  • She's Not A Better Choice

    I do not think that Hilary Clinton is a better choice for the democratic nomination in 2016. I truly believe Biden would do better. Hilary had her chance a few years ago and could not get it done. I think we should give Biden a chance. Many people do not like Hilary and I don't know if she would get a lot of support.

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