• Hillary Clinton would beat Donald Trump in a general election race.

    If Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump square off in the general election, our next president would be a woman. Although Trump has beaten his Republican opponents in the majority of primary races, he has not managed to win by a majority of votes, as the party is too split for him to win by a clear majority. Clinton, on the other hand, has won a majority of the Democratic votes in the Democratic primaries. If they go head-to-head, Clinton against Trump, Clinton will win by a comfortable margin.

  • Yes, too many people are scared of a Trump presidency.

    There are understandably a lot of angry voters in the Republican party, and there are a lot of anti-establishment voters out there. But if it comes down to a Clinton/Trump general election, the comfortable majority that don't participate in the primary process will easily propel Clinton to victory. Trump is just too loud and obnoxious for a general election.

  • Hillary Clinton would not beat Donald Trump in an election race.

    Hillary Clinton would lose in a debate to Donald Trump, because Donald Trump would have to much ammunition to use upon Hillary Clinton, and Hillary Clinton does not fair well in debates. Donald Trump has a very aggressive way to debate that would steam role what Hillary Clinton is trying to say.

  • I'm not sure.

    Everyone is saying that Hillary Clinton could easily beat Donald Trump, but those same people had said there is no way that Donald Trump could win the Republican nomination. When it comes to Donald Trump, it is so hard to predict how he will do in a general election race, but it seems he has really energized the Republican base.

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