Would Hillary have been a terrible President?

Asked by: subdeo
  • Hillary Is Just too Much

    I believe Hillary would have made a terrible President. The policies she would cause and make into law would continue our country down the downhill slope that President Obama led us on. Her scandalous side too, is concerning (e.G. Benghazi, and her Emails). Although Trump is not perfect, I think he will be better than Hillary

  • It’s a skill to represent one view on both sides of a scale.

    Mrs. Clinton is a woman.

    Therefore it is constitutionally impossible for her to be President by president set. The constitutional Title that could be assigned to a woman who wins the Vote of Executive Office, then established an ability to preserve, protect, and defends the United States Constitution is Prasedera.

    The political debate by basic principle would revolve around the woman’s representation to Constitution, as Title President is actually a separation given to represents the male soldier in combat. With the introduction of woman into the United States Congressional Armed Force the burden of proper representation is transferred, on behalf of all woman as well and a Title was required.

    This is to insure the United States Constitution receives representation. As Legal Council is only licensed to manufacture justice inside the Court system, which works in and does not maintain the non-biased and impartiality it creates. This is the goal set by the State of the Union in all Constitution. Basic Principle and Precedent in a Judicial Constitutional separation it is Basic Principle and legal Precedent.

    For Note: She would most likely had been as bad at Prasedera as President. As any accomplishment to finding an equality can begin as simple as to creation a Title. The Title needed first to actually have a place to put the relevant subject matter.

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