• I think we already do have a general list of morals for all.

    It seems to be prevalent in many cultures around the world that murder and theft are morally wrong and are punishable crimes. In addition, cannibalism is frowned upon by a majority of world cultures as well. All humans seem to have a vague set of morals that are observed worldwide. It is bad to: murder, steal, sleep with someone else's wife/husband, eat human flesh, sacrifice a human being, dig up a corpse, disrespect someone in his own home, and destroy someone's home. I'm sure that many of you could agree that most humans would live by many, if not all, of these morals.

  • Of Course We Would

    I believe humanity would be better off with a unified moral code, but there is absolutely no way to make this happen. People learn morals through society and self reflection. Many people make their own personal decisions about what is moral and what is not, and often there isn't a correct answer.

  • Yes, humanity would be better off with a unified moral code.

    I think that humanity would be better off with a unified moral code. But i do not think that it would be a realistic goal. I think that people's sense of morality is so different when it comes to different countries around the world that people will never agree with it.

  • Yeah. Da. Ja.

    Of course we would. The only unified moral code we should follow is GOD's, Whose judgments are perfect. We all have the same morals, but different OPINIONS on morals. Why do you think there's so much disagreement in the world? Because we have different morals.
    Although disagreement and argument is necessary for knowing, there is no more "knowing" required when GOD gives you a set of rules. You only need to abide by it.

  • There's No Way Unified Morality Can Exist

    Any attempt to proscriptively impose a unified moral code would never work. We cannot agree upon a set of right and wrong. Ethics are simply too variable, and religious/social/political ideologies too diverse. This moral code would instantly fragment itself in light of these various viewpoints, and cultural change as well. Everyone needs to feel that they have chosen their morality, not have had it imposed upon them.

  • We would never agree.

    No, humanity would not be better off with a unified moral code, because we would not all be able to agree on what morality is. Also, there would always be some people who cheat. We cannot even all agree on whether the constitution changes. We will never be able to agree on morals.

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