Would Humanity Thrive If Russia and America Got Along?

Asked by: Ariel914
  • Brighter motives could mean broader achievements.

    Competing against Russia Is starting to prove more cons than pros. If we worked together, with the intelligence of America and the economic power of Russia the possibilities are endless. Where has being loyal to our hatred ever gotten us in history. We need to stop being so stubborn and look to discovery and improvement as a motive instead of beating each other.

  • Cooperation will reap huge benefits for both nations.

    If the U.S. and Russia cooperated more globally, we would certainly decrease the likelihood of nuclear war; it would also strengthen the reach and influence of international law; dictators and horrible governments would do less injustice in the world, since Russia and the U.S. (and hopefully China and India, too) would be more willing to cooperate with each other to chastise these governments when they do wrong. A shared optimistic vision of the future would also contribute to cooperation on economic goals, and so prosperity would be experienced by more people around the world. Not only would the world become more peaceful, it would also be more fairer and prosperous. The U.S. would stupid to choose not cooperate with Russia where it could!

  • I really don't care

    You're talking about governments. I personally have absolutely nothing against Russian people, and I would gather most Americans (especially the younger generation) don't either. I did like Gorbachev, he was a good guy, and Putin seems pretty distant and more like the kind of the person that our government doesn't want us to like. However, since I don't know him personally I don't judge him. The whole Ukraine-Russia thing... Man I just don't care about it. I'm sick of us showing up with our military whether we're wanted or not. We need to worry about our own problems at home and stop being the self-appointed world police. The last two big-spending presidents seemed to think this is okay, but I don't. Humanity is represented by the people, not our governments. We can still thrive despite what our governments do. We can also replace our governments if we so desired. I voted know because I do not believe that our governments should or can really control what we the people feel or do when it comes right down to it.

  • Tweedledum and Tweedledee

    Neither America or Russia likes sharing power! Putin has shown himself to be a megalomaniac despot who takes orders from no-one...As we sat watching the horrors unfold in Syria...Under the thinly veiled threat that if we intervened, so would they...Against the West...
    America and Russia will never see eye to eye!

  • One of the Last Great things...

    The people of Russia and America working together in trade, sure. But the Federal Government of the United States and the government of Russia getting along? The most intrusive government in terms of drone strikes and spying working with a government that wants to reclaim the old empire? Get them to disarm the nukes and keep being wary of each other; them working together and not blocking each other in the security council is a recipe for earthly disaster.

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