Would immortality be a good thing if it was possible?

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  • More of a no than a yes.

    It's funny to note that we don't die from aging, rather we die because we're old. Elderly people are more prone to diseases and illnesses. So wouldn't it suck to be an old geezer forever?

    Anyway I think the better question would be to be immune to disease and illnesses or living forever young.

    I think immortality to an extent would be great but wouldn't everyone be infertile because life has ceased to function? You won't be able to reproduce anymore and where's the fun in that? But let's say it was still possible to reproduce and we grow to an age that we never age past. Well then you have to think about the implications with current life. Now that everyone looks the same age and never age, are you cool with your daughter dating a 300 year old man when she's only a fraction of that age? Are you cool with after having done everything you've always wanted to do and now bored because you've done everything? Think about the amount of mouths to feed. Think about the living situation. It would be fine the first hundred years but then the population exponentially explodes and now you have too many people and not enough dying. But what if we were able to expand and populate other planets? Well, now you have a topic on hand and should make a movie.

    Then what if only you alone was able to live forever? As stated already, it would be miserable. Cherishing life with others only to see them age and wither away until death. I don't think I would enjoy seeing loved ones dying and leaving me alone. Then again what if you didn't have loved ones? Well aren't you going to just have the best life ever.

  • So much more

    I don't think anyone can look at how much there still is to learn and not wish they had more time to learn it. What if Einstein, Pasteur, or Marshall had more time in which to work? We would see the birth of a new era, an era of plenty. Overpopulation? Simple, just move people to a new planet in craft invented by that 300-year-old over there.

  • Matter of soul

    It will cause population explosion;imbalance in nature;people will become careless thinking that they have all the time to do things that should be done at the time;procrastination;boredom;the present number of humans harms the environment so much,if they become immortal it will endanger earth.Oppressive dictators would be able to live on forever.

  • Not to me

    Immortality is a violation against nature. Humans are not meant to live forever; we're born, we live and we die. What would be so great about being immortal aside from being impervious to harm and immune to aging? You would be forced to watch everyone around you grow old and die while you live on. Additionally, if people were immortal, that would lead to overpopulation.

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