Would Improving Palliative Care Get Rid of Patient Requests for Aid-in-Dying?

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  • No it would not improve the requests for aid-in-dying.

    Unfortunately even improving palliative care would not get rid of patients that requests for aid-in dying. Some diseases are just to strong or make life to unbearable and never allow them the option for a quality of life worth living again, and that is why so many patients with certain diseases will continue to ask for aid in dying even if we increased the amount of care they were able to receive.

  • Improving Palliative Care Will Not Get Rid of Requests for Aid-in-Dying

    I do not believe that improving palliative care will completely get rid of patient requests for aid in dying. While palliative care does help with relief of pain, symptoms, and stress, and the hope is that a person's quality of life will improve, some people who are terminally ill do not want to go through a long process of dying. Additionally, palliative care is supposed to help patients make health decisions, and for some, aid in dying is a decision they may want to make.

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