• Are you dumb ? Is this even a question?

    India freed itself from the British rule for a reason. Its because the British were treating us like slaves. They come into our country and treat us like slaves. Like what the hell. The British left India in shambles. The British stole wealth and our women. Before the British came to India, we had one of the highest GDPs in the world. Then after the British took over India we became one of the poorest countries in the world. They shot and tortured Indians. They shoved Indians into a train and suffocated them to death and there was women, children and men in it. So hell nah, British was one of worst empire in history.

  • Yes it would be terrific!!

    India would have took help from other countries for its development with its resources still intact in India itself!! All the rulers in India from mughals to Britishers to Portuguese to European all came here for our wealth & resources!! India would not have been so "poor" after all.
    Its just so disappointing!!

  • Glad we got rid of the leaches.

    The moment that India became an independent country:

    1. India no longer had to pay England the equivalent of $20 billion in taxes per annum.

    2. India no longer had to ship 1/3 of its agricultural produce to England for free.

    3. India no longer had to contribute millions of troops for conflicts that had no significance for us, as in WWI and WWII.

    4. India was no longer a sole captive market for British made goods, the raw materials for which came from India itself.

    5. And, most importantly of all, Indians were free to choose their own destiny. The foreigners could no longer take advantage of India.

    By every measureable metric, Indians are infinitely better off today, then they ever were under British Rule. In 1947, when India became independent, life span, literacy rate, and poverty were 35 years, 10%, and 90% respectively. Today, those numbers are 60 years, 70%, and 40%. India is now the 2nd largest agricultural producer in the world and there hasn’t been a famine since Independence. Of course, I’m not saying India doesn’t have problems (what country doesn’t have problems)? We have issues with corruption, poverty, overpopulation, etc, but Indians are unquestionably better off today than they were under British rule. Those who tell me British rule was better, are deluding themselves, they simply don’t know the facts or are ignoring them. Under British Rule, India paid enormous taxes to England, shipped agriculture produce there for free, and Indian soldiers fought and died in wars/conflicts that had no strategic benefit for India. To quote from Nehru “those parts of India that were under British Rule the longest, tended to be the poorest and most backward”.

  • India wouldn't be better off without the British.

    Before colonization, India was a third world country. They were savage people, had poor infrastructure, and a poor quality of life in general. When the British arrived, they brought with them all the necessary things to start a healthy civilization, and the Indians were forever changed for the better by the actions of the British.

  • India Would Be Several Kingdoms Now

    Whether it was a good thing or not, the British civilized the Indian subcontinent. Otherwise, India would resemble feudal Japan before American interests took over in that country in the late 1800s. Yes, colonialism was tough and changed India forever. However, the billion-plus people living there now could very well have a more democratic country now because of British rule.

  • Trade, Trains open India

    Think about all the trade India has got from what the British had made, Ie train lines connecting the country to the outside world. It has made India one of the most prosperous countries in the world. Okay they might not have been the best but in terms of history, India is better off British.

  • The British Gift by Fareed Zakari

    India's democracy is truly extraordinary. ... India's political system owes much to the institutions put in place by the British over two hundred years ago. In many other parts of Asia and in Africa, the British were a relatively temporary presence. They were in India for centuries. They saw it as the jewel in their imperial crown and built lasting institutions of government throughout the country--courts, universities, administrative agencies. But perhaps even more importantly, India got very lucky with the vehicle of its independence, the Congress Party, and its first generations of post-independence leaders, who nurtured the best traditions of the British and drew on older Indian customs to reinforce them.

  • Not nearly as advanced

    There was a reason a tiny island managed to rule a huge country such as India. It was uncivilised and although it had a large economy it many hundreds of years behind European economies in terms of technological advance. Although the Bengal famine has been noted in general the British united India and it would not be the country it is today

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