• Yes, I believe it would

    Isa Gambar has been against the government in Azerbaijan for a long time and has voiced this opposition openly and loudly he is ready for change and might just be the person to make it happen for Azerbaijan. Governments need change when they are running the same game with no improvements.

  • The election of Isa Gambar could very well improve condittions in Azerbaijan.

    The election of Isa Gambar could very well improve conditions in Azerbaijan.Whenever there is discontent in an are a new political face may very well be the answer.Gambar has been voicing his opinions for many years about his dissatisfaction and he might just be what Azerbaijan needs in the long run.

  • A great leader

    Yes, I think that this country would benefit a lot by voting this man into office, and allowing him to take the reins and start making this country a better place. He is a very smart man who knows how to lead people and make good solid decisions for his people.

  • The opposition should be given a chance.

    Yes, Isa Gambar's election would improve conditions in Azerbaijan, because Isa Gambar is a part of the opposition party. Gambar is part of the equality movement, and he wants to institute some changes that are desperately needed in Azerbaijan. The economy would improve, along with the quality of life for people in the country.

  • Entirely New Leadership Needed

    Isa Gambar's election wouldn't improve conditions in Azerbaijan. Younger leaders are needed to move the country in the right direction. Gambar and his contemporaries stand for an older way of doing things with corruption and inside knowledge. Azerbaijan needs young leaders with lofty ideals as opposed to people with connections.

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