• A diversity of choices is always good.

    Yes, Isa Gambar's Equality Party be a good choice for Azerbaijan. Having a diversity of voices in local or regional or national politics can never be a bad thing. If you don't agree with what one party says or stands for, you can simply go to a different one. And equality, what's not to like?

  • A good idea

    Yes, his Equality party is a good choice for this country. This country is small and struggles financially, and is in a bad part of the world. This party would help them treat their citizens fairly and honestly, and help their economy to grow larger that it is now today.

  • Yes it would be.

    Anything that is based on the idea of equality is usually a good idea, as long as the equality doesn't place emphasis on one group of people. Then it becomes collectivism, and that usually fails. But if this party is really about equality for all people, then it is a no brainer.

  • Who equals who in the equality party?

    If there are still distinctions about who is equal to who, then there is no equality. Equality requires all things to be the same, and by defining two or more groups is by definition not equal. I think the Equality Party looks really good on billboards and signs. However, is this form of equality linked to liberty or communism? Both claim equality under their regimes.

  • All Parties are Corrupt

    Most, if not all, political parties in Azerbaijan are likely corrupt. Even though Isa Gambar is an anti-corruption crusader, he is just as bad as other party leaders in his country. There are few checks and balances on political leaders and Gambar is one of them. The Equality Party needs new leadership first, then it can be a good choice for Azerbaijan.

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