• Stock Market: Ups and Downs

    I think it would be a good idea to invest in the stock market now. I think we are at one of our lowest points in the market right now, but on our way to an incline. I think we have hit bottom and have nowhere to go from here but up. Choose your stocks wisely and it may work in your favor.

  • Investing is a Good Idea

    I think that if a person has the money then they should invest it. They should not expect really high short term gains but should be able to leave the stocks to grow. While there is risk in stocks, doing the proper research can help a person make the right decisions.

  • Invest in an enduring company that is in a slump

    If you invest in an enduring company that is in a slump, a company that is doing poorly compared to usual but one that is highly unlikely to ever go out of business and so is likely to bounce back you could buy a lot of stock cheap and then see it mature in the first so you could get greater dividends or even sell some of the stock when it gets big.

    Note: This is not to be taken as expert advice, this is just my opinion. If there's any flaws in my reasoning here I'd love to hear why.

  • Not a Good Idea to Invest in Stocks

    Investing in the stock market now would not be very smart. Last week the stocks fell tremendously and then peaked somewhat at the end of the week. With the new Ebola scare and the ISIS issue on the rise, investors are weary and the stock may take a big dip because of this fear. Until the market seems consistently stable for a couple of months- investing in stock should be avoided.

  • No It Isn't

    I do not believe it is good time to invest in the stock market. I do not believe the economy is stable and I definitely don't think the stock market is stable. In all honestly, the stock market needs to pull back and less people need to invest. I think there is a chance that it could crash again.

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