Would it be appropriate to build a mosque near Ground Zero?

  • Definitely, yes it would be appropriate,

    Just as it would be appropriate to build church, a synagogue, a Sikh temple any other place of worship. How could it be morally right to discriminate against innocent Muslims (by not allowing a mosque to be built), because of the actions of the minority of extremists? This would be extremely hypocritical for a county which prides it's self on it's religious freedom.

  • Places of worship are always welcome in America.

    There is absolutely no reason a mosque shouldn't be built near Ground Zero. When some Christian zealot tried to burn a gay nightclub in Seattle to the ground on New Year's Eve, I didn't blame all Christians for that event. Why would I blame all practitioners of Islam for the events of 9/11? Thinking otherwise is the epitome of intolerance and bigotry.

  • Yes, any religious institution would be appropriate.

    One group of extremist Muslims were the ones who master minded the attacks on the World Trade Center. Mainstream Muslims are fine people with a belief in God and a good moral code. If the mosque is a mainstream or liberal mosque or educational center this would be as correct as building a church or a synagogue.

  • Yes it is.

    It is important to remember that only the Muslim extremists are responsible for 9/11. Even that is not 100% proven either. Most Muslim's are peaceful, rational, law abiding citizens. There is no reason not to build a mosque near Ground Zero. A mosque deserves to be there as much as a Christian or Jewish worship area does.

  • It is appropriate to build a mosque near Ground Zero.

    It is appropriate to build a mosque near Ground Zero. This would show that there we do not condemn all Muslims just because of the actions of one terrorist. Muslim is an American faith and they seem to have a need for the mosque. We need to create something positive after the negative thing that happened on 9/11.

  • Wouldn't help anyone

    If you were in a war, and died for your country, would you want the flag of the enemy planted on your grave? The answer is no. It would really be disrespectful of the people who died there that day, and the people wouldn't stand for it, as the public would go nuts the second they hear a proposal like that.

  • It would be a very American thing to do.

    Of course it's appropriate to build a mosque near Ground Zero. I cannot believe the people who think it's okay to discriminate against all of Islam simply because the hijackers on 9/11 happened to be Muslim. Besides, what better way to show we're better than terrorists by adhering to our First Amendment and welcoming people of all faiths, everywhere?

  • Wouldnt seem appropiate

    It just wouldn't seem appropiate.
    Many people lost family members in that incident, and it would look really wierd to have a mosque on a sight that was destroyed by Muslim terrorists. Anywhere else but Ground Zero as it could be attacked or something like that. Just my opinion though.

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