• Yes for one pure reason

    Milk is not good for us, yes it is calcium, yes we need calcium. But cows milk calcium is specifically designed for baby calves. I ask one question, would a baby calve drink our mothers breast milk and then claim it is good for them. Over 18 types of veges contain calcium, the correct type. Enjoy them and have good skin. Peace

  • They would be much healthier if they did.

    I think if everyone became a Vegan we would see a steady decline in illnesses, doctor visits, and missed work days. I believe so many of our health issues are caused by our diets. We would feel so much better and be healthier if we stopped eating red meat, most dairy products and processed foods such as raw sugar.

  • Yes, a vegan lifestyle is healthier and more environmentally friendly.

    One needs only to watch documentaries such as Forks Over Knives and Vegeducated to learn about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. From decreasing risk of various illnesses to weight loss, eating a plant-based diet has many health benefits. Living a vegan lifestyle protects animals who are slaughtered for their hide so that we can wear leather pants and belts. While it may not be reasonable for people to go completely vegan, everyone can do better and make some attempts to move in this direction.

  • If the world went vegan, we could solve many problems we have in the world

    We could end world hunger and world thirst, reduce climate change, end obesity, avoid getting heart disease and cancer, and we could save the lives of trillions of animals. Vegans are not deficient in any nutrients as long as they eat enough, and they eat whole food plant based diets.

  • Veganism can end world hunger

    If we took the water and food crops that we use to feed animals like cows and fed this to people instead, there would be enough to feed the entire planet. Us in the western world eating an-animal based diet has a knock-on effect on third world countries who end up without food and water because this has been fed to animals for us to consume.

  • We are meat eaters

    Veganism is a first world luxury. People who are vegan should be respected for their lifestyle choice, but it must be acknowledged that the world cannot become vegan, and vegan diets are also taking a lot of valuable crops from third world countries and diminishing their value. If anything, that doesn't sound beneficial to people at all.

  • The Vegan lifestyle is not for everyone

    Humans are Just like the animal kingdom. Some animals like eating only plants, some like meat and plants, some like mainly meat. We all our not going to become Vegans just because the health nuts think it is the best way to live. Some people like enjoying life and if it shaves a few tears off of their lives, then so be it.

  • No, it would not be beneficial for everyone in the world to adopt a Vegan lifestyle.

    I think that a Vegan lifestyle may be beneficial for some people. But for most people, it would be better for them to have a diet that consists of variety with proteins from meats and other sources. I think that a Vegan diet isn't bad. But neither is a non-Vegan diet.

  • It works for some but it is by far a diet everyone would be able to do.

    The vegan diet is extremely over advertised by extremists and people with no actual knowledge of it rather than from doctors. Some people can live a healthy diet on only plant based foods however it is very difficult. The amount of food you have to take in is barely realistic for a person with a full-time job and if not you will very quickly suffer from malnutrition. Also you have to plan around your meals a lot in order to make sure you get everything you need, and even so (despite what the vegans tell you) there are many illnesses among vegans. By far most people need a verity of protein and simply don't have time to eat 2500 calories in vegetables in a day. Like I said- some people can do it and life a completely healthy lifestyle. However it is not for everyone.

  • Nah because science

    Deficiencies Include
    b12, Creatine, DHA, A, D, k12, calcium, iron, zinc, Cholesterol, and testosterone.
    Though some plants have these nutrients in them you body cant actually absorb and use them.

    1 myth is that you can to get B12 from plant like seaweed, soy, and brewers yeast. But even though they contain B12 they also have B12 analogs called cobamides that block the intake of, and increase the need for, true B12."

    There really isn’t evidence that animal-derived nutrients like saturated fat and cholesterol cause harm. Vegan diets rely heavily on soy which can cause hormonal imbalances.

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