Would it be beneficial to switch to a resource based economy?

  • Access abundance for all! No coercion!

    The main concern is not forcing the process in any way; the means never justify the ends and it would do no good to attempt to force others into a way of life they don't understand. Awareness must be continually spread, not just about RBE and the associated train of thought, but also about the state of our sci & tech as well as cutting-edge ongoing developments. The goal is to erode the programming which is so heavily reinforced that we can only exist in a condition of scarcity and though reciprocal exchange of goods.
    It's a heavy burden but we all must be wiling to be living examples of that train of thought. To demonstrate the merits of RBE through your lifestyle in a monetary system inevitably means that others will try and take advantage of your hard work and generosity. Let them. They may over time recognize the logic the ideas the you present but they will still lapse. Don't judge them. Ultimately the only person you have any kind of direct control of is yourself. Don't impose the way, show the way.
    One day we'll all be ready for an RBE. For now we keeping working to get others ready

  • The crazy people are running the asylum

    Yes. I believe it would be beneficial to switch to a resource-based economy.

    Today's article (http://apnews.Myway.Com/article/20130910/DA8NN7U02.Html) is just another day's news to show that the current fiat money system hasn't worked, isn't working, and cannot be fixed.

    Thinking about this just in terms of money is also just looking at one facet of a multifaceted problem. The current system facilitates wage slavery, poverty, social health issues, gross inequality, a grossly uneven playing field, a severe diminishment of humanity's fuller potential, letting the inmates run the asylum, further degradation of social institutions, including but certainly not limited to the sham that masquerades as the *justice* institutions certainly in the west and more than likely elsewhere.

  • Money makes our world suffer.

    Once we needed money so we could get to the place where we are today. But now we have to evolve in to a more responsible civilization. We can't hang on to this old system that is making everything for profit. Where peoples lives are counted in money or debt - where there is so much pain, wars, suffering, hunger and scarcity. When we could live in abundance with an sustainable ecological system, where everyone could do what really makes him happy, not what the commercial world wants you to think what makes You happy. Greed has spoiled minds of too many and in looks like there is no ending of it. Even in such ethic areas like Medicine there are aims for profit. It makes me sad if I think about the pain that greed is causing around the World. I don't want to see such a world for my children, especially if they will ask me - What where we thinking when we could change our way of living but did not?

  • Resource based economy

    Money has lost its intrinsic value and it serves only now to stratify society and create massive inequality. If peoples contribution to society was the measure of prosperity rather than a monetary valuation then the worlds problems would quickly disappear. Those who currently contribute the least to humanity gain the most while those struggling and working hard for social progression are often ostracized and persecuted. A resource based economy would go a long way to redress the problem we face and help to move humanity to a not only sustainable but abundant future.

  • Capitalism Is a Socio-Economic Illness

    Capitalism gives major advantage to the few at the top of the hierarchical social-economic pyramid structure it shapes society into. In a resource based economy, society takes on a spherical shape allowing everyone to have fair access to all services and wealth.

    When capitalism is challenged or criticized the first and perhaps the only alternative that generally comes to mind is socialism. What I would like to see is a global high tech gift economy, also referred to as a resource based economy, which is not socialism. Within such a gift economy, there can still exist perhaps the only virtue of capitalism, and that is that competition yields enhanced productivity in quality, quantity, and variety. However, competition can still be included in a gift economy. Besides those at the top of the capitalist pyramid, the major obstacle I see is the collective belief ingrained from childhood that capitalism is the best way to organize human endeavors. My hope is that people will begin to more deeply question capitalism and envision life-friendly alternatives. Right now I think capitalist ambitions are destroying the Earth and keeping most of humanity under constant artificially created stress.

    In a capitalist economy everyone grabs for the biggest piece of the pie they can get away with. In a gift economy everyone shares the pie according to what is possible and their true wants.

    Which is more civilized?

    And remember: Capitalist ambitions are destroying the environment throughout our planet.

  • Economics should be only about resources.

    Because only resources and science limit and make it possible to do things and to nourish the ecosystem on planet earth. This money based system at the moment makes almost everyone, who CAN do something because he has money, blind in front of the real needs of the communities around him. This system already destroyed so so many healthy cycles on earth including healthy cycles between humans, animals, plants, soil and geology, water cycles and not to mention cycles of "stuff" (if this was ever in an equilibrium). In order to reestablish healthy cycles and hence a balance on planet earth again a resource based economy is the best anchor to begin with. And the very interesting thing about this system, that takes in account not only RESOURCES but of course NEEDS of everyone and everything is that we can exactly with that solve ALL the other problems and malfunctions on planet earth:
    RBE has to care for the basic needs of every human being, everybody needs access to healthy food, shelter, healthcare, community, culture and education without getting in debt or any barter system.
    That means science has to be encouraged to go forward in all inventions that help to reduce human labour, waste, destroying mother earth and using as little resources as possible ( and I guess this will be the biggest and most interesting work to do for us) SO:
    we need to establish possibilities for kids and adults to be educated and educate themselves because THIS is the biggest resource of humankind and will enable us to step forward into this new future.
    And one thing is clear, in order to let whole earth be part of that kind of "golden future" ( what will also be WORK and TRIAL and ERROR ) we also have to get rid of borders and nations.
    And hoppla! - no wars are possible anymore and people cannot get in conflicts like today anymore because their basic needs are met and hopefully cars are not necessary because we build a public transportation system, as ecologic as possible and free to use for everyone. And the best thing about establishing this kind of culture is that we don´t need money for it: only resources.
    Interesting is that right now we have access to more resources than ever in history - its all there - look around you! We just have to use this stuff appropriate! And on that basis all our problems can be solved with only working on a better world for everyone and everything in the biosphere...

  • The Venus Projet = Zeitgeist

    It helps the entire planet and nobody is left. This is all the humans beings, including the environment that must be safe and clean with all the living entities such as animals and plants and the landscape will not been destroyed because of the excesive exploding or waste of good materials, or because the extracting of resources will not be without efficient techniques or without care for preserving and recicling.

  • No need for PROFIT any more!

    Need for more and more profit destroying men,society and planet.
    For example now in health care the primary goal is profit and not the health.
    People will have a more humane life. Many are now slaves for life.
    One example:
    There are more than five times as many vacant homes in the U.S. As there are homeless people, according to Amnesty International USA. Since 2007, banks have shuttered about 8 million American houses, almost doubling the previous number, while 3.5 million homeless shiver in the cold.

  • Infinite consumption sucks

    The infinite consumption model based on the totally corrupt monetary system is only beefitting a very small minority of people for a vey short time - a good summing up in an irreverant way see http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=tYX4D5oZm-A

    Every revolutionary idea seems to evoke three stages of reaction. They may be summed up by the phrases: (1) It’s completely impossible. (2) It’s possible, but it’s not worth doing. (3) I said it was a good idea all along.

  • No More Money Motivation!

    When was the last time we did something that we really enjoyed doing? We work all day just to pay our bills, pay our food, pay the gas for the vehicle that drives us to work every day, pay our kids college, pay for every single item, and we've been taught that nothing is for free, so we charge for our services to others as well.

    Once a co-worker asked me for help, he told me to find him some information that he needed on the web, he was an old guy so it wasn't easy for him to use a computer, another co-worker, my boss, brainwashed me to charge him a quote, because it was a use of my time, and my time was precious, it took me 8 hours to get him what he needed, so my Boss made me charge him for the eight hours, I agreed but then I felt so bad! It was so wrong to do that, I was feeling great just to being able to help! So I was influenced by somebody else that thinks that we need to charge for our services, and this is the culture we live in! We expect something in exchange, but I've learned that love gives everything away and expects nothing in return. I didn't acted in kind of love, but in convenience.

    We live in terms of profit and wealth, as a musician, I can not live in this world, I need to make music that can be sold not music that I really want to make, as a programmer, I need to make programs that I just don't enjoy programming, as an engineer, I need to make technology obsolete to maintain a sales rate on my product. There is no real progress in this capitalistic system.

    We need to find another way of motivation, living to serve others, not to charge them with a quote, we need to help all the people that don't have a house, that don't have nothing to eat, that don't have education. The supermarkets and fast food restaurants are full of food, and they trash tons of food every day. It is not a scarcity of food, it is scarcity of money, and we know that a few people already have the most of it.

    If we take out the money from the equation, we can build a better world, we can be motivated by real means of doing things, helping each other. Releasing the ego, the consumer brain that incarcerate us. I vote for a resource based economy because it is the most logical step to a better future! It's evolution baby! And that's were we are going pals! Just be patient, the capitalistic beast will be defeated! Humanity will prevail!

  • While a resource-based economy would have its benefits, it would also create many problems that could harm the overall economy.

    Given the current problems of debt and inflation, it is tempting to switch to a resource-based economy. While this would solve some problems, it would also create many new ones. In today's complex economy, it is sometimes necessary for governments to "create money" by printing more of it, especially in times of emergency. A resource economy would remove this ability and, thus, could create enormous difficulties.

    Posted by: EminentBennett93
  • Our country works well with the economy we have.

    The economy we have now is consumer based. We can and will make this work once we get out of the pointless wars that we are in. The reason our country is in the mess that it is in right now is because our government got us into wars that we can not afford.

    Posted by: 5c0tJung
  • Using a resource based economy would limit the things available to people.

    Using a resource based economy means people would have to go without the things that they have become accustomed to. Without money, people wouldn't be able to afford to fix their homes or cars. Not everyone would have land available to grow food for or raise livestock to feed their families. A resource based economy would wipe out all current modes of transportation as we would have no way of repairing vehicles if something were to go wrong. We, as Americans, do not have the space or resources to rely on a resource based economy. Everything is so technological these days that nothing is set up for a resource based economy.

    Posted by: UncoveredGaylord73
  • Flawed idea is flawed

    The idea behind resourse based economics is built on flawed logic about the apparent evils of money without stopping to consider why monetary systems are so widespread, and were even in nominally communist countries.

    One cannot simply just remove money from the equation - it serves so many useful purposes in our society that even without a central currency existing, people would still operate in a way that we can recognise today as being monetary in nature.

  • Get rid of money and the psychopaths that use it to bully.

    If we are to rely on a resource based economy it will be ruled by the powerful psychopaths that know how to take more for their selves. It will be no better than if we had money. We need to get rid of money and the people that like to make reckless choices that endanger and deprive others of resources they don't know how to control. Might does not make right.

  • There are too many variables and assumptions involved to answer this properly.

    The science proposed has far more assumptions built in to it, both in human nature and in conclusions that are proposed it results in. Furthermore, the notion that science or democracy can or should determine what humanity needs is a gross error. The people in power would have a frightening amount of power, power that would surely be abused from the inception.

  • The RBE Movement attracts too many crazy, delusional people ever to succeed.

    A disproportionate number of RBE advocates support crazy beliefs; they believe the Illuminati exist, there's an Agenda 21/UN conspiracy, David Icke is right, the Rothschilds control the world, or grey shape shifting lizards, Zionist plots abound and so on. I've seen all this rubbish on the Facebook pages of RBE supporters, so I know it's there. You want your cause to be promoted by crazies? You'll fail.

  • Would just lead to more wars & competition over resources

    What do you think wars are fought over? Human rights? Good will? Hell no, it's about resources & power. Focuses on resources purely would just support more aggressive actions, not only towards other countries but towards the environment. I don't know how any sane person wants that. I don't think it would lead to peace or true stability as others have mentioned but instead very aggressive and overt competition.

  • Wishful Thinking Nonsense

    Money is not a brake or a drain on the economy. Money is essential to allow trade to occur in an efficient manner. Money enables the formation of prices. Prices are information. Without prices, you can't know whether or not the use to which you wish to put a good is valuable or not. Without prices, the lumberjack who cuts down a tree doesn't know if it's better for society to sell that tree to the construction company or to the toothpick factory. With prices, he can observe which is willing to pay a higher price and sell accordingly. This ensures efficient allocation of resources, something the RBE wants to magic away and replace with unicorns and rainbows.

    The RBE is based upon the argument that scarcity is artificial, which is absolutely, breathtakingly wrong. Consider the very simple concept of opportunity cost. If you wish to go see a movie, but you also wish to go hiking in the woods, it is obvious that you can't do both at once. You have to pick one activity, because your body and your time are scarce. You will go with whichever activity you think is more valuable to you. If you understand this simple example, I hope you can also understand how the idea that economic scarcity is some kind of myth is ridiculous.

    The RBE is attractive largely because of people's ignorance of economics. It's like asking someone of a primitive society who is ignorant about gravity to explain why a rock falls when dropped from his hand. He's likely to shrug his shoulders and say, "the gods make it so," or "the rock wishes to return to the embrace of mother Earth." When you abandon logical deduction in favor of wild and unfounded propositions, this is the garbage you get.

    And good gravy, how is it that 92% of people coming here don't know any better?

  • Unsustainable economic model

    Resource-based economies DO have some advantages until one problem : what happens when there are no more trees to cut? No more minerals to mine? The oil has run out and the rivers are drying up. A lack of resources would grind this fragile economy to a screeching halt. Of course there is space exploitation but how are you going to fund that when your citizens are more worried about their next meal? Bribe workers with resources instead of money? Yeah with dirt? Corn? Grass? Peas?

    It just makes no sense. It is human nature to have a motive for everything. Money seems to be the least violent one (if its resources-you don't have- then you would try to obtain them risking war, if its just love for what you do then such a type of motive is too rare for an economy to rely on). The really long comment next to mine on the "yes" side (the one that has no author) sounds more like communism than a resource based economy (and we all know where that went).

    Any ideology that ignores human nature is doomed to fail from the begging.

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Darkfly says2015-07-03T00:13:54.880
A resource based economy would work. If you base it on the amount of time someone actually did labor. Or you can see and as the amount of energy it takes to produce something. I've already figured out the equation for the exchange. Equation is energy multiplied by the amount of time. Or another way of doing it is energy / the amount of energy that is the equivalent of electricity in 1 man hour labor. So happens of labor. What so happens. What so happens to be 72.1153846 kilo watt hours. For each hour of human labor.