Would it be better for Northern Ireland to be united with the Republic of Ireland?

  • We are literally connected to each other

    Northern Ireland and the Republic are connected, it is 100% fact. If the UK let go of The North, it would barely make a difference. It is absolutely ridiculous that the Northerners would want to stay with the British. Just because Ireland had a recession 8 YEARS AGO, doesn't mean Britain is better. The Irish economy is getting bigger, and is currently the fastest growing economy in Europe. The North and the Republic are blood. We shouldn't fight. If the North joins the Republic, Ireland will be a better place. Just come back to us, Northern Ireland. Please.

  • Apart there would be skirmishes.

    It is better for Northern Ireland to be united with the Republic of Ireland, because the two ethnic groups are better working together. If they remain independent, there is an increased likelihood of conflicts between the two groups. In addition, being unified would help the people form a common identity and blend their two cultures.

  • An opinion from an American is that they should resolve past issues

    Northern Ireland left for many, messy reasons. A motivation to rejoin "southern ireland" could be that it would help out the Irish economy. Historically however, we must consider that other nations such as France and England have had divisiveness between Protestants and Catholics. Ecumenical religious identity is pragmatic, but with proper work, can be accomplished.

  • Just Like Peace in Palestine/Israel

    Just like the Israel/Palestine situation, everyone simply needs to get along. So there are religious differences? What's the big deal? In the end when we meet our maker, that spirit won't care whether we were Protestant or Catholic. God cares about how we treat others, not whether we pray the rosary 20 times per day or not. Although the strife in Ireland runs deep, we live in a civilized society where everyone should be able to get along and embrace our differences. The next generation of Irish need to be raised to love tolerance and love one another.

  • They can choose

    Above all, the people of a country have a right to align themselves with whomever they like - self determination, a classic political talking point in Europe. Northern Ireland is separate because they want to be, and they have the right to choose it, even if being so isn't the best for them economically.

  • No not if they don't want to.

    If Northern Ireland does not want to be united with the Republic of Ireland than I do not think it would be better for them. It will cause people to speak out against each other and cause an unneeded conflict amoungst the people in the country if they do something not everyone agrees with.

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