Would it be better if there was no heaven or hell or god, and instead just a world where it approaches infinite potential?

Asked by: FragileTag
  • Religion is not needed.

    Religion should not exist. Without religion there wouldn't have been the 9/11 attack. Religion is a faith and people have problems with blindly following in every one else’s footsteps. Religion is like high school, people put themselves into groups and each group has its own rules. At school, some groups don’t like others because of what their values are. Religion is the same way, it causes hate and exclusion. Although religion can make some people feel like they have a purpose, all religion is, is a belief and everyone is here because that’s just how the world works. In life, people have to make their own life have purpose. According to Huffingtonpost.Org the article “The world would be a better place without religion” says “When large religious institutions promote oppressive ideals, it is the fault of power-hungry, hateful individuals -- not the fundamentals that are most central to the religion”. Religion excludes people; a Christian man in California is attempting to start a bill that allows people to shoot people of homosexuality. Religion causes hate and should not exist, this is reality so be real.

  • I do believe that the would would be better with no god and I'd like to respond to GainWisdom, and their completely incorrect argument.

    I disagree with all of your arguments as they are just factually incorrect. Firstly: there are many, many many instances in the old and new testament which promote christian abuse of and superiority above those of non-christian beliefs (google it or actually read your bible), so saying your modern teachings are not inherently evil is incorrect. This also shows that hate is a reflection of "genuine Christian teaching". This simple fact proves your first and second points incorrect.

    And in terms of your second point specifically: There is a christian man in California who is currently starting a bill called the "Anti-Sodomite" bill, that will allow the state to legally shoot gay people (I find that that's not a very tolerant idea from a christian man). Also in the past few years there has been many instances of Christian fueled terrorism: The Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting (arguable motive of Christianity), the man who shot three Muslim students a few weeks back over a "parking dispute", the actions of Eric Rudolph and the Knoxville Universalist Church shooting to name a few. This shows that christian fundamentalists not only attack other religions, but attack their own denominations also, like Muslim fundamentalists.

    As for your third point: I extremely disagree with you statement that there have been more atheist related killings in the twentieth century. Not only is that just factually incorrect (as can be proven with a simple google search of the stats) but we can quite simply see it through media and historical research. And even in the twenty first century, religious extremism well trumps atheistic extremism. You take atheist related figures such as communist leaders and attribute all their killing to atheism, which is incorrect. Stalin killed mainly out of fear and paranoia, Mao killed in order to rule as a dictator, and Hitler killed in the name of God according to mein Kampf, only opposing the organised religions as they disagreed with him. As for the other leaders you have named (Pol Pot, Enver Hoxha, Nicolae Ceausescu, Fidel Castro, and Kim Jong-il) there is absolutely no evidence that they killed specifically due to religion. These people killed for power and that's the only reason. The only reason they would kill religious people is if the religious people opposed their ways. Why under your line of thinking, if Kim jong-un killed a man with black hair tomorrow who was a rebel, he's automatically racist against people with black hair.

    To conclude, you arguments are all incorrect and your arbitrary connections are unfounded. For these reasons, I believe that the world would be better with no god.

  • Religion divides people.

    I am an atheist (evident by the title) and do believe that we could all be further united without religion. While I respect those who are religious, however, when you think about it, without the worries of going to hell, or what heaven is like, or how will I please god, we can be free. We can do as we please without having to fall into the standards of a superficial being. And even though the christian religion clearly states that love is all you need, you see all these religions disrespect each other for how they are. And that is clearly not love. It is so contradictory. In the end, we could all just be united, and there would be no need to fight over these superstitious beings.

  • Yes, With Caveats

    The idea that people have the ability to do whatever they want without regard to rules laid out by a god(s/desses) seems nice. No religious wars saying my god is real and yours isn't. On the flip side, I like the notion of an impartial logical arbiter to make final rulings between two or more parties. I also like the notion of an afterlife, though I don't think the belief in a god is necessary for such as long as there is spiritualism and no gods.

  • Wouldn't be better if everyone understood and cared for one another instead of being greedy or stupid?

    Even Jesus, Muhammad, Joseph Smith, Buddha, and any other peace-maker would want this, even the deities of the religions would want it to happen, because, an omnibenevolent agent shouldn't send anyone to eternal torment for merely doing the most trivial things (e.G. Not convinced that you exist, loving another person, correcting/questioning you, etc.), otherwise, it wouldn't be wise.

  • The world you are in right now “approaches the infinite potential”

    Those who do not hold themselves 100% blameworthy for their sins under the authority of the Lord shall not hold the title of saint and be given entrance to God’s kingdom.

    Furthermore, a world without God IS dangerous. But before you can argue with religious violence, you should also know that a world with God’s morals misinterpreted is also dangerous. For example, religious violence is sinful because all violence is sinful. It is a sin to broadcast your judgment of people even if you do so under His doctrine.

  • Would make no difference

    If one assumes the eradication of the concepts of heaven and hell, as in related to a deity, will bring change to the human condition, surprises will await.

    Religion is just another ideology (in a broader sense) and would soon find replacement by some other "-ism".

    In the spirit of the question phrasing, abolishment of religious concepts would not confirm causation of leading to "a world where it approaches infinite potential".

  • A world without God is dangerous.

    Buddhism is a nontheistic religion to begin with. Buddha taught many good things yet he didn't know what truth was. He was a Hindu before he went on his search for enlightenment. He taught that desire was the root of all evil. Indeed, that can be a cause fore evil but, desiring some things are for the better, for example: Desiring to please the Lord.

    But anyway, to get back to Atheism...

    Many people believe the world would be a better place without religion. Religion leads to violence, they say. After all, who caused the Crusades? Religious people. Who was in charge of the Spanish Inquisition? Religious people. Whose fault was 9/11? You guessed it, religious people. The solution seems simple: get rid of religion, and we’ll get of evil, right? Not so fast!

    First, we have to admit that religion can be a cause of evil in the world, as when people use it to suppress others. As Christians, we should admit that evil things have been done in the name of Christianity. However, it is also important to remember that not everything done in the name of Christianity actually reflects genuine Christian teaching. Christianity is misused when used as justification for violence.

    Second, the most notable acts of evil done in the name of Christianity occurred centuries ago, not in modern times. Sadly, we cannot say the same of all religions. Groups such as Al Qadea, Hamas, and Hezbollah are actively killing in the name of Islamic religion today. Hindu groups such as Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad result to violence as well.

    Third, what about all the violence done in the name of secularism? If religion has to apologize for all the violence done in its name, so should atheism. Religion is not the only cause of evil in the world. In fact, more people have been killed by atheist regimes in the twentieth century than in all the religious persecutions of Western history. Mao was responsible for over forty million deaths, Stalin for more than twenty million, and Hitler’s count is over ten million. And those are just the big three atheists—we haven’t event mentioned other tyrants like Pol Pot, Enver Hoxha, Nicolae Ceausescu, Fidel Castro, and Kim Jong-il. In a single century, atheists have killed more than one-hundred million people. On the other hand, the Crusades, the Inquisition, and the witch burnings together killed about 200,000 people. It is not violence done in the name of religion that has caused the most evil in the world, but violence done in the name of atheism.

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