Would it be better if Twitter made a site for children only?

  • Yes, considering what teens talk about.

    Children in general do not need to have I pads at the age of five. It is ridiculous how many children own an I phone before they own a paper and ink book. However, children do have twitter accounts. They should have their own section on Twitter where they can talk about what they like and not have to wade through teenagers talking about getting drunk/high/laid

  • Why must this be thought?

    OK guys, let face it. Twitter was made for people over at least 10. If Twitter made something like Twitter Junior, the whole experience would be ruined. We do all know that Twitter can sometimes have bad things in it? But so what? Have an adult supervise other than waste your time on making a website for no reason?

  • What about adults?

    If its a site known for just children wont predators create an account to stalk kids? Especially if they know its going to be for kids. I think parents need to monitor their children's activity online. I also believe kids need to go out side and be active, that's why america is so obese.

  • What is the point?

    I think twitter should be for teens over a certain age, from like 15 and over.
    Twitter is not a site for little kids, I don't understand why 12 year olds need a twitter anyways? Nothing is safe on any social media site, so what is the point? They shouldn't have a twitter, period.

  • No just keep children away

    I don't think Twitter should make a site for just kids because there is no need for one. There is also a chance that others will get onto that site as well. I think the best solution is to keep children off Twitter all together. Kids don't need to be on Twitter.

  • Chidren need oversight.

    No, it would not be better if Twitter made a site for children only, because the children need to be monitored by parents. Also, when someone puts something out into the public internet on Twitter, they should be mindful that it is something that a lot of kids will look at. Children should be a part of the greater Twitter community.

  • No Purpose For It

    I am not a fan of Twitter and I'm not a fan of letting my child do a whole bunch of stuff on the Internet. I do not think Twitter should make a site for children only. I think parents should do more to stop children from posting stuff on the Internet. These comments, photos, and information will be there for longer than they realize and it could be hurting their chances at a job, far down the line.

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