• If You Teach Your Kid About Heaven and Hell, You Abuse Your Children

    If you teach your kid about Hell, You're an asshole. I don't care if you're religious or how good and kind you think you are but it's just plain wrong. It will induce unneeded stress and anxiety on children who don't deserve it. I've heard plenty of excuses but all of them still can't explain to me why teaching minors about this stuff is okay.

    If. You. Teach. Your. Kid. About. Heaven. And. Hell. You. Abuse. Your. Children.

  • According To Christians, Hell is like Heaven!

    Think of all the intelligent, Kind people that go there! Thanks to the lack of religion, Hell is probably decades ahead of us, Both socially and technologically. Plus Satan seems like a great guy! I mean he helped free us from God who would have us be obedient slaves to him. It sounds much better than Heaven! The average IQ in Hell would be much higher thanks to the lack of Christians and other religious people! From how I've heard Christians themselves describe it, It sounds great!

  • Yeeees hell is coooool

    I worship satan and think he is proper fit. So when I go to hell I'm gonna get satanic dick bois. Then I'm gonna ask if I can be a deamon to fooooking destroy this shitty ass world. Get ready cos I'm coming for dat human ass boi be prepared cos I'm scary raaaaa

  • Hell is real

    Most people in this age enter hell. Hell is a world where the worms that you have gathered in your body over life turn on you and start eating you.
    Hell is for those that over feed their bellies, Eat meat, For no animal is pure. Meat is second hand meaning its dead and burdens the body. Having sex with different people brings hell to those people because you are sharing diseases that are passed down from your great grans, Down to your parents and then to you, And then to the person you just shared a bed with. Then as times passers, Hell in the body starts to take over and you are eaten alive from inside, This is why fornication is a sin. A sin means to do damage towards life. Drinking alcohol is a sin becuse it feeds the worms within. Don't think you don't have worms, We all are born with them. Look at the romans paintings of hell and you will see that it is the worms that eat the people who sinned. People who kill are full of worms and they don't have a clue, For the 200 different types of worms that get into the body are silent. Gays go to hell for they share the worst worms, One being the rope worm which spreads everywhere from their dirty hands to your drinking glass, Plate, Lightswitch etc. . And its hard to kill and grows at a fast pace. So gays are killing people through their dirty ways. Gays are a abomination!
    In this world we call it disease. In the old worlds it was called the devil or the jinn. So a evil person is someone who is controlled by the devil meaning worms. And when the body is over burdened, Its get angry.
    So are you in league with the devil? I would say 99 percent of the world is in league with the devil and are going to hell. So anybody who thinks hell is cool, Look at your dying family member or friend in agony, And then say hell is cool.
    People are so lost in this world!

  • No anyone can go and it is OVER HYPED

    Anyone can go to that hellhole. You will not be at peace and it will be constant torment. You will never drink water and you will eternally burn of thirst. The father of all lies makes people believe that it will be constant orgies and drugs and all sorts of deviant fun like some night club.
    It is not it will be anguish and devoid of any pleasures. Not even sadomasochists will find pleasure.
    In heaven you will never thirst and you will be forever happy.
    Only hardcore people that rebel against Satan and the system and negate their evil can go.
    Mine craft has nothing on heaven and you will be complete there.
    Only the brave and strong willed people can go there.
    Hell is just to easy and the biggest scam.

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