• Yeeees hell is coooool

    I worship satan and think he is proper fit. So when I go to hell I'm gonna get satanic dick bois. Then I'm gonna ask if I can be a deamon to fooooking destroy this shitty ass world. Get ready cos I'm coming for dat human ass boi be prepared cos I'm scary raaaaa

  • No anyone can go and it is OVER HYPED

    Anyone can go to that hellhole. You will not be at peace and it will be constant torment. You will never drink water and you will eternally burn of thirst. The father of all lies makes people believe that it will be constant orgies and drugs and all sorts of deviant fun like some night club.
    It is not it will be anguish and devoid of any pleasures. Not even sadomasochists will find pleasure.
    In heaven you will never thirst and you will be forever happy.
    Only hardcore people that rebel against Satan and the system and negate their evil can go.
    Mine craft has nothing on heaven and you will be complete there.
    Only the brave and strong willed people can go there.
    Hell is just to easy and the biggest scam.

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