Would it be detrimental to change the driving age to 21 in Canada?

  • Yes, it would be a bad idea.

    Canada is a very large country and a lot of the people living there have vast distances to cover. Outside of the larger cities like Toronto, Quebec, and Vancouver, the public transporation is not very good. People have jobs and lives starting at the age of 16 and need to be able to have mobility.

  • No Driving Age Increase in Canada

    Raising the driving age to 21 years-old in Canada would be detrimental in various ways. The country shouldn't make its teens wait even longer to drive. The ages of 16 and 18 years-old have been proven to be the best time for people to get their licenses. With that in mind, this age shouldn't be changed for any reason.

  • The driving age is fine.

    I think that it would be detrimental to increase the driving age to 21 in Canada. The way that the driving age is currently set up seems fine to me and changing it to 21 seems like some sort of arbitrary change that will only make people angry for no reason.

  • No it won't.

    It would not be detrimental to change the driving age to 21 in Canada. I do not think that it would be needed to be worried about the drive age changing to 21, I think if anything that people would be more developed. I think that people would only worry for drinking reasons, but it shouldn't be a big issue.

  • Most young people don't drive anymore.

    No, it would not be detrimental to change the driving age to 21 in Canada, because people would adjust to the new law. As our economy contracts, people, especially young people, do not drive as often as they used to. People would find jobs near public transportation, and they would just learn to work around the new law.

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