Would it be ethical for a coach of college sports to accept prizes and perks from professional leagues hoping to recruit the coach?

  • Yes, the coach can accept anything offered to him.

    Yes, the coach could accept perks and prizes. There is nothing unethical about him accepting perks as long as he has full intention of accepting the recruit. The catch would be that he have intentions on taking the position. If he accepted these things out of personal game than it could be considered unethical.

  • Yes, it is fine

    A college coach is not, in reality making any decisions that are important to most people, so it is fine that they are bribed or offered gifts by the people trying to recruit them. They can make their own decisions and choose whether they want to gifts or not. It would only be unethical in a situation where a company is giving gifts to someone like a senator or someone who effects the public.

  • I feel it would be ethical for a potential coach to accept thing from prospective leagues.

    When companies are negotiating for a potential employee they want, promises and concessions will be made. A gift or perk would be along the same lines, what difference is there? None. By definition a perk is something extra someone receives in addition to pay. Perks are determined by the offering company, who are we to regulate their right to do so if it falls within legal bounds? If we are going to split hairs about gifts then all companies should have an anti-secret Santa. Again the giving of a gift is something a company has a right to do. Questioning a company on ethical policies in relation to perks and gifts is ludicrous. Yes, after reviewing these facts I feel it is ethical for coaches to receive perks and gifts from professional leagues.

  • Fair play is fair

    Just because it's not technically bribery - the professional leagues are operating under the guise of giving gifts - doesn't mean it's not a subtle form of bribery. A coach taking on these prizes and perks is operating unethically, and so are the professional leagues awarding him such. This sort of thing should be done professionally and honestly.

  • No it would not be ethical to accept prizes and perks

    It would not be ethical for coaches to accept prizes and perks. Student athletes are not permitted to accept gifts or perks as solicitation for recruitment, therefore coaches should not be allowed to be bribed. Coaches accepting prizes and perks disrupts the spirit and integrity of what college sports represents.

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